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Tomorrowland, where the magic happens … but not for everyone

Tomorrowland, the Electronic Dance Music festival, sold its 360,000 tickets within six minutes. Thousands of fans across the world were disappointed after waiting to grab a pass to the ‘magic land’ for more than two hours.


“I’ve been refreshing the website for hours now. What’s going on?” Anna from Poland posted on her Twitter.

The expensive price didn’t stop EDM fans to enjoy their weekend. The festival which is split between 2 weekends with different lineups at the end of July offers different types of tickets: prices go from €145,00 (123,81 GBP) for a single day ticket to €2367,00 (2021.05 GBP) for an all-comfort experience. Tickets for a full-madness weekend start at €436,00 (372.28 GBP).

‘When you’re from America and you know you’ll never be able to attend Tomorrowland, because you know, no tickets.’ James from Boston complained on his account.

Because if you’re not resident in Europe, getting tickets is basically impossible. Due to a phenomenal demand, Tomorrowland allows only 20 couples of tickets per country located outside Europe. Who’s the fastest finger to grab online tickets before the servers crashed down.

In 2016, over 2m people trying to buy tickets made Tomorrowland’s servers burn down causing the website to crash down several times. Fans went crazy but organizers apologised straight after the accident.

Needless to say, tickets sold out 2 minutes after the website reopened.

The event located in Boom between Antwerp and Bruxelles in Belgium will be hosted by acts like Martin Garrix, deadmau5 and Tiësto gathers around travelers from all over the world every single year.


The production behind the festival decided to organize spin-offs in other countries. As of 2017 TomorroWorld in the United States, India and Brasil host the same event in the summer.