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The Gaslight Anthem headline Alexandra Palace for the largest venue of their tour


Headlining the people’s palace New Jersey boys, The Gaslight Anthem, blasted a twenty six song set to a respectful and awestricken crowd. Taking the stage at Alexandra Palace this Wednesday for what was to be the biggest crowd of their UK tour, Gaslight did not disappoint.

Front man Brian Fallon delivered a particularly on point vocal performance, despite his day of coffee and cigarettes, as he revealed to the crowd before announcing there would be no encore.

The lead up to their performance was nicely facilitated by alt-country band, Deer Tick. Combining soft harmonies with a sonic wave of screaming, they reminded the crowd what was like to be at a rock show. Their live performance most certainly exceeded the listening experience provided on their albums. In order to gain a true feel of what they’re trying to achieve with each song, attending a live performance is highly recommended.

Intertwined with humour as they dawned psychedelic, couch pattern resembling suits, came an overwhelming sense of passionate, hard work. Unfortunately for them, their precise paradiddles, full throttle vocals and consuming guitar solos, were wasted on the crowd of hard-core Gaslight fans, who rarely gave an appreciative amount of applause.

Shortly after Deer Tick’s awkward exit from the stage, came fourth the main man, Mr Brian Fallon. By this point the venue had began to fill to its 7000 people capacity, adding an intimacy that Deer Tick had previously lacked. All that was left to was drink lots and prepare to sing constantly for the next two hours.

The band motored through the first few songs, promptly getting their hit song ‘The ’59 Sound’ out of the way and followed it up with their favoured anthem, ‘Handwritten.’

Due to the venues curfew, Fallon announced there wouldn’t be much in the way of chatter in between songs or indeed an encore. However this was not a problem, the crowd were considerate which the was clearly appreciated by the band, made apparent by their grateful expressions . Fallon appeared humbled, as audience and singer were often singing in perfect unison. This was particularly special during ‘Here Comes My Man,’ ‘Biloxi Parish,’ and ‘Great Expectations.’ Other highlights included a spontaneous cover of, ‘In Room Where You Sleep,’ written by Ryan Gosling’s band Dead Man’s Bones.

True to the nature of the band, the stage was simplistic with only the red heart from the Get Hurt cover decorating the space.  Ambient, flowing lights accompanied the New Jersey boys throughout the set, conjuring an aesthetically pleasing, blue-lit Brian.

Littered with memory making moments, the gig was a true display of what TGA, are capable of. After seven years and five albums, it seems there are still more tales of heartbreak, taverns and the ever haunting sound of the jukebox, in store for the future. Although Get Hurt has been criticised for its possible loss in TGA’s Americana identity, their performance was defiant evidence that in each song, lyrical integrity and faultless production still lives on. Stay Vicious!

Pictures: courtesy of Music Unmasked