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Travel for free in London

London has been named the most expensive city to commute in. With an average of £135 per month, it beats Dublin and New York City in terms of travel.

Do you want to travel in the most expensive city in the world without breaking the bank? Here are a few tips and tricks about how to get the most out of your travel.



  1. Do the London Shuffle: The london shuffle, also known as the commuter dance is when a person takes advantage of the busy tube stations and they shimmy their way behind you without having to pay a penny. For the more courageous people out there, you could go under the barriers and get in contact with disgusting London floors. I don’t know whats worse, paying £5 for a trip or crawling on Oxford Street Station to get out of it.
  2. Jump Jump Jump!: If you’re lucky and there is no tfl staff around, you could jump over the barrier and make your way to the promised land of sweaty arm pits and awful body odor without having your wallet feel lighter.

    giphy (1).gif

  3. ‘Forget’ Your Ticket: This tip is for the extroverts out there. This easy hack includes talking to someone at the station and saying you forgot your card on the tube. Extra points if you bat your eyelashes and look frazzled as you search through your bag for your ‘lost’ card swearing you had it a second ago.

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  4. The 2-for-1: Being a student in London should classify as some sort of disability and thus, you can apply for the two for one. This means that a handicapped barrier could aid you in the fight of exorbitant prices in London. Just ask your friend to tap in as you dash through, just don’t get your bag, hand or leg caught in it if it closes.

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  5. The Bunker: A cliché, but a cliché for a reason. While on the rail, whenever you see a ticket conductor making their way down, you can slide your way into the nearest bathroom and hide like the hermit you are. This rule is slightly outdated as it is not 1995 anymore, but what is the harm in trying?
  6. The Lucky One: Some times, and only sometimes, the barriers at Tube stations are open without a soul in sight. This gives you full access to the tubes. Now all you need is a lot of confidence in what you’re doing, don’t stop or hesitate. You got this.

    giphy (4).gif

  7. The Slip In: At a busy bus stop, whenever the bus driver opens the doors to exit from, you can easily enter without tapping in your oyster card. Extra points if you have a friend to distract the driver at the front of the bus, but it can easily be done without it.

    giphy (5).gif

    Go out and live your cheapest life! Who knew living the life of rebellion is so rewarding?

Street Link failing to help homeless people?

Feature image from Wikimedia

London is notorious for its homelessness because of the lack of affordable housing. Welfare reforms and benefit cuts are a nation-wide issue, especially in London as people are struggling to pay high rents.

On Wednesday night, pulling into Wembley Park tube station, a man was asleep across the seats. Nothing peculiar at first, but looking closer, his arm was in a cast, his head had been cut open, a can of beer hung loosely from his hand. He was surely not okay.

After attempting to talk to a woman working for TFL, who seemingly did not want to help, the next step was to contact Street Link– a non-profit organisation that apparently helps the homeless. On the phone they ask for his phone number, considering the man didn’t have a place to call home, how would they expect him to have a phone? Alas, they were unable to help, so off we went to get food. Martin began crying. Martin, a 50-year-old man cried, over a burger. This isn’t right.

The growing number of homeless people in London is becoming dangerous. According to Streets of London over 8,000 people slept rough in London throughout 2015-2016. More than doubling over the past five years. Although there are numerous charities and shelters trying to tackle the problem, it seems that they are unable to keep up with the rising demands and the government are unwilling to support them.


Homelessness has more than doubled over the past five years. Credit: Leanne Hall     Source: Crisis

A spokesman from Crisis, the national charity for single homeless people said “The best thing to do would be to ring Street Link who can help find the person shelter.” But what if Street Link can’t help? “They should come out and meet them, but there is a high demand that is difficult to keep up with. We advise people to find other local charities but there isn’t a huge amount that can be done.”

Crisis are currently pushing the Homelessness reduction bill, which has been debated in The House of Lords today, and passed. This means that local councils will have to supports single homeless people, this bill could transform homelessness across the country.

Street Link have responded by saying that there must have been some confusion as they do not require a mobile number for a referral and that the outreach service is not an immediate service due to the number of referrals they receive. However, as the main outreach service in London Street Link have a responsibility to answer every call.

Next week, Connie Ball will reveal how she helps the homeless as a student in Winchester by starting a soup kitchen, and gives advice on how you can too.