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Bye Bye Bye? The House votes to repeal and replace Obamacare

On Thursday, House Republicans voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace its key parts. After having fought for this for months, the bill now will go to the Senate and Trump feels confident about it.

The bill passed with a vote of 217-213, with all 192 Democrats voting to oppose it and 20 Republicans joining them. The changes made by the GOP Proposal would alter some major factors that Obamacare had established.


Essential health benefits such as emergency room visits and women’s health services would not be a given, instead it would up to single states to choose what benefits to keep or whether to opt out of all of them.

Older people would have to pay up to five times more than younger consumers for fewer benefits. The new American Health Care Act repeals the Employer Mandate, which required all businesses with more than 50 employees to offer health insurance.

Pre-existing conditions have been a big debate also thanks to Jimmy Kimmel’s speech about his newborn’s heart surgery. With Obama backing him up, but also with conservatives criticizing his approach and ideas.

Donald Trump has reassured that insurance for people with illnesses such as cancer or diabetes will be reduced. Earlier this week the President stated that this new healthcare plan “will be every bit as good on pre-existing conditions as Obamacare”. The Republican Plan maintains the requirement that allows people under 26 to be covered by their parents’ insurance.

Since Obamacare became effective in 2010, it reduced the number of uninsured people by 20 million, with patients less likely to skip needed care. Given these premises it would have been difficult to introduce any new health care plan, let alone one with these conditions.

Detour for Donald’s immigration ban

Donald Trump’s immigration ban has been rejected by a court appeal. The major setback happened on Thursday when a panel of three judges upheld an injunction against Donald Trump.

The White House and two US states legally challenging the ban – Washington and Minnesota – have until Monday to present further evidence backing up their respective arguments.

Then the court could schedule a hearing or rule on whether the ban should remain suspended.

Trump took to twitter to show his anger.

Trump had imposed a 90 day ban from seven muslim countries, including Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia on the 27th of January. This caused havoc and confusion at airports around the country as green-card holders tried to get into the United States.

The court rejected much of his argument in its ruling. The panel wrote “although courts owe considerable deference to the president’s policy determinations with respect to immigration and national security, it is beyond question that the federal judiciary retains the authority to adjudicate constitutional challenges to executive action”.

There are roughly 20 lawsuits against the immigration ban currently. Donald Trump however, took to twitter when the decision was made saying he would,”See you in court, the security of our nation is at stake!”

Social media was in a fury when the ban went through. Millions of people were sharing stories of green card holders that were being banned from entering a country they have lived in for years.

The ban is said to have an effect on American companies, such as Apple, Google and Microsoft. They said that the ban would affect the sales and the american business, as well as growth and innovation. They also argued that “200 out of the forbes 500 were founded by immigrants.”