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How safe are you in Harrow?

A man was shot dead and another seriously injured outside Queensbury Tube station on Tuesday evening.

This is the 60th murder in the capital being investigated by London Police this year.

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Image credits: BBC news


The incident happened two days before residents of Harrow voted in the local elections, raising big concerns for public safety in London.

A resident speaking to BBC London said they didn’t feel that Harrow was normally dangerous, but they are certainly worried by the spike in violence and killings.

Previously between March and May 2017, a violent criminal terrorised in areas of Northolt, Ruislip and Harrow by robbing at BP, Shell, Asda and Esso petrol station using a BB gun sprayed black to make it look more realistic. The criminal was caught recently by the police and was sentenced to nine years in jail on 26 February 2018, Monday.

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Bob Blackman, Conservative member of Parliament (Harrow East) brought up this incident during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, and took the time to appreciate the efforts of police but also raised the bigger question of safety of people across London.

In response, PM Theresa May said: “I recognise the importance that’s attached to Queensbury station and also say I join-in in commending the actions of the police in emergency services to other such incidents. He’s right in the importance in dealing with the offensive weapons. We’ve announced plans under my right honourable friend, previous home secretary,  to be taken forward by the current home secretary it’s why we have launched a serious violence strategy and the serious violent task force which actually brings together ministers and representatives from across this house together with police and others to deal with this issue met for the first time.”

Watch recap of Prime Minister’s Questions here. Find Bob Blackman’s questioning at 47:57 minutes

Currently he is at the Harrow Count, but his representative has shared with us the statement he issued upon the shooting incident:

“I was saddened to learn of the fatality of one individual and wounding of another in a shooting last night, Tuesday 1 May, at Queensbury station. My thoughts are with the loved ones of those involved. I shall be having discussions with the police and also liaising with City Hall concerning this.”

“The police have reassured the local community tremendously and I would like to thank first responders for their work here and as ever.”

“We must take action to remove offensive weapons from our streets and anyone caught with such a weapon should, in my opinion, be prosecuted and imprisoned if found guilty.”

A spokeperson for Mr Blackman said: “Harrow remains one of the safest boroughs in London. Mr Blackman has solid relations with the police and engages positively with them as often as possible. He supports the Force in their efforts to combat crime and has continued to urge the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to respond to calls from officers for assistance from City Hall.”

With the local election results moving towards the count of votes, and the room heating up with anticipation, it’s becoming increasingly interesting to see how the winning party leader will move forward to combat this situation of violence.