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Coronavirus New World Order conspiracy: Everything you need to know about the illuminati

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When occurrences like the ongoing coronavirus actualises, conspiracy theorists go haywire and this happens to be one of the conspiracy theories that has caught a lot of attention on social media, especially twitter.

Since the creation of the Illuminati in 1776 by Weishaupt, the illuminati has been a force to be reckoned with. Only problem being they are meant to be a secret organisation. Especially after Duke Karl Theodor banned secret societies in Bavaria in 1785.

Since they went underground, they became even more suspicious. People with knowledge of this would be gripped by the fear of an underground freemason society which is widely believed to pull the strings of the western world underground.

The US raised eyebrows when they made the New World Order an extension of their Great Navy Seal as the latin term it was derived from had affiliations with the illuminati.

This has led conspiracy theorists to believe that the illuminati not only pulled the strings in the French Revolution, but also may have played a large part in the history of the United States of America.

So what does the New World Order have to do with the Coronavirus? 

Conspiracy theorists see eye to eye on the fact that the illuminati is pushing world governments to put in place the new world order with a cashless digital currency society where all of the masses can be traced digitally which we mostly already can be. They also believe that they want us all to be implanted with microchips which christians believe is synonymous with the mark of the beast.

Many believe this virus is a decoy to take our attention away from big policy and law changes that are going on underground but based on the level this pandemic has gotten to and the calibre of people it has affected (people in the higher echelons of society), this is also unlikely.


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In a tweet that may be laughable to some and scary to others, here is the conspiracy broken down and while it seems extremist, many believe this is what is going on.

We can only speculate on how the world will be after the coronavirus and if the world will ever go back to the way it was before.


Fan unrest grows amid fears of Prem cancellation

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The 2019/20 English Premier league is a season for many teams to forget and a season for a few to remember.


Liverpool were 2 games away from lifting the prestigious trophy for the first time in over 30 years.


Sheffield United had come from the Championship straight into the top 10 and Manchester United were catching up to fourth placed Chelsea.


So, what is actually going on?


Voices from different sectors of the sport are in agreeance that the season be cancelled on the basis that not many teams have much to miss out on.


Only Liverpool who were on course to win the league with a substantial point gap from the second placed Manchester City team.


Influential figures such as Gary Lineker, Piers Morgan and even the Vice-Chairman of West Ham, Karren Brady have called for the season to be declared null and void.


In reaction to that, some fans gave him backlash as technically, West Ham were on course for relegation, so fans of rival clubs believe this is due to this.


In an interview with Manchester United legend, Rio Ferdinand suggested the season be voided due to the fact that there was no clear path ahead in regard to how the season was going to be completed and that is if it is to be completed at all. He went on to acknowledge Liverpool fans may come at him for saying this and defended himself by stating “ if it was my team in that situation, I would think about people’s health and the wider society rather than my own game.”


What are Premier League chiefs saying?


Very recently, the Premier League chiefs made known their plans to resume the season behind closed doors in May due to TV deals.


‘A lot of clubs would go into a crisis if their sponsors asked for a refund due to the fact that they weren’t on the pitch to advertise their brands and there are many other layers to be considered when thinking about voiding the season in such a fashion’


The Premier League has to meet up to their side of the deal with broadcasters who pay £3billion-a-year to broadcast live matches and that deal expires at the end of July meaning the Premier League would have met their obligations if they continue matches in May.


Reports suggest if the Premier League does not finish it’s campaign by July 16, the two major broadcasters; Sky Sports and BT Sport would have to be paid up to £762million as a result.





The show must go on!

With all the live events and music shows being shut down left and right, artists everywhere have had to make the tough decision to postpone their concerts until further notice.

Our favourite artists are trying to come up with creative ways to keep music alive and keep us entertained in these gloomy times. While in the previous years music lovers would start planning for the festival season by now, there are very little signs or hope for a normal summer season at all. If you’re tired spending your days on the couch, turn the music on, open the windows and dance all your worries (and calories) away for a minute or thirty.

Tame Impala released a new playlist playlist on Youtube called “The Slow Rush in an imaginary place”. In the background the listener can hear people cheering and having fun. If you miss live music dreamy atmosphere, grab a pair of headphones and immerse yourself into this Tame Impala psychedelic goodness. Travel into the past, or maybe the future. You decide.

Coldplay’s front-singer and a many other artists delighted their audience on Instagram with live at-home concerts. Chris Martin spent thirty minutes playing his best tracks on piano encouraging other artists to do the same. His live has been viewn over 4.7 million times and inspired people to share their own version of their #ToghetherAtHome over 58.000 times.

Sam Smith has also shared three performances singing by himself live, all the way from his living-room. Due to the recent events Smith decided to postpone the release to his third studio album and change its title.

The english indie rock band Nothing but Thieves have been meaning to realease new material for a quite a while. Their new song “Is everyone going crazy?” seems to have been written exactly for our times and relates to out current struggles. It’s a great catharsis song, recommend 10/10 for headbanging and aimelessly jumping around the living room.

“Is anyone else feeling lonely?”

Social media use has increased drastically and we’ve seen many musicians’ new ways to have fun and engaging with their fans. #Quarantinekaraoke, live-at-home-concerts, virtual festivals and gaming twitch streams… We can’t help but wonder, what’s next?

As we wait for the new wave of digital music interaction incited by the quarantined musicians worldwide, people have turned to music to feel less lonely in their homes.

What might seem like a catastrophy for the night economy could become a transformation of the music industry itself. New platforms for music broadcasting are emerging.

#DigitalFort is a two day event showcasing over 100 artists. This is meant to be an online festival to help raise money for those hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

One can have fun and be of service at the same time. Hopefully you have a good internet connection and you’re even luckier if you have some nice neighbours… the party can finally begin!

Coronavirus: a racial epidemic

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus also known as ‘Covid-19’ has spread through the UK causing problems in more ways than one.

According to the World Health Organisation, more than 3,381 people have died globally from the virus while more than 97,000 infections have been confirmed in dozens of countries. Despite this, no place has suffered more devastation than China and the Asian community.

The virus has put a halt to businesses, flights, schools and the world of sports. Despite the severity of the situation, the virus itself has not only spawned a new health issue but a racial issue also.

The disease has caused a lot of unprovoked racism and tension towards the Asian community.  Most Asian residents have been subject to countless amounts of racist abuse, consisting of passengers moving away from them on public transport and many ‘faking coughs’ as they pass by.

The UK has not responded well to the virus. Many individuals in the Asian community have spoken up about the racial abuse which they have been receiving since the outbreak of the virus.  I spoke several Chinese students who told me about their experiences whilst living in London during the pandemic. The first student, who asked to be left anonymous, explained an altercation with a group of white passersby.

“I was walking in central when a group of white people walked past me. One girl shouted “Coronavirus” at me and continued to walk away, it made me feel sad that this is what people now thought of me and my people”.  -Anonymous

As of recent, Chinese University students have been wearing a mask to reduce and stop the potential spread or catching of the Coronavirus. This move had the opposite effect, bringing more unwanted abuse to their plate. Many Chinese students have decided to travel back to their homes. One student, I spoke to told me why she made this decision.

“It makes me feel uncomfortable. People walking past and coughing, the stares and the laughs. I returned because I believe back home in safer, they have this situation under control, and I feel safer here.

Though the xenophobia which is being spread is not only occurring on the lower level, but also with powerful public figures. President Donald Trump was recorded adding to the xenophobia in his last speech, labelling Covid-19 as the “Chinese virus”.

The guardian reported news of a group of Chinese students, who study at the University of Southampton, have been abused since the outbreak of the pandemic. One student was verbally abused, called a “fucking virus”, and another student was struck with rocks whilst being told to “go back to your own country”.


uni of southampton.jpg

University of Southampton: Credit the Independant

A University of Southampton spokesperson said: “The university is extremely concerned by unacceptable comments directed at Chinese students. We have not had any reports of incidents on campus but we do not tolerate any form of racism and would take action as a matter of urgency on any such behaviour.”

I am not a virus im a human

A poster made by Southampton University’s Chinese Students and Scholars Association. 





The ‘Chinese virus’

President Donald Trump is no stranger to triggering public upsets. In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, there has been swift discussion over the seriousness he is taking regarding the situation.

The US president sent out a tweet on the 16th of March, referring to the coronavirus as the “Chinese virus”.

During his daily Coronavirus taskforce briefing, he again said the same thing: “I’d like to begin by announcing some important developments in our war against the Chinese virus”. When questioned about his use of wording, he dismissed racist accusations, stating that “it is not racist” and justifies his wording with “it (coronavirus) comes from China, I want to be accurate.”

Trump further attempts to justify himself through claims the China blamed the creation and spread of the virus upon American soldiers. Therefore, is constant use of the phrase is based off of a blame game between the US and Chinese government.

China’s official news agency, Xinhua, has said that president Trump’s language was “racist and xenophobic.” Due to Trump’s history of accused racist remarks, the constant usage of ‘Chinese virus’ is more likely to be to be taken as malicious.

There have been numerous reports of racially motivated attacks occurring within the US and UK, which recurring targeting of those from China and other East-Asian countries. All despite reassurance via the media that ethnicity has no effect on an individuals’s carrying of the virus.

The World Health Organisation has advised against any statements making link between China and the coronavirus. They also believe that further misuse will result in increased violence and discriminatory attacks if not corrected. The severity of the situation is simply too great for such inconsideration.

Students struggle with university moving online amid Coronavirus outbreak and here is how

As a result of the Coronavirus rapidly spreading and impacting the education system, thousands of institutions in the country have shut their doors, and schools have officially cancelled GCSE, AS and A level exams and awarded students with mock examination results and previous coursework grades instead.

However, this is not the case for most university students, as instead of having their exams and coursework cancelled, several universities have adapted to still deliver their content online so that students can finish the semester from home during the lockdown and receive their final grades.

Most universities within the UK are carrying out lectures and seminars via an online classroom within the university’s corresponding system software and assisting students’ queries via emails. Some universities are also offering students one-to-one scheduled Skype tutorials.

“I just want everything to be back to normal. I certainly didn’t sign up to pay nine grand a year to be taught online” – Miriam Croitoru, student at the University of Bournemouth

Several students from universities across the country give their views on how they feel about attending class from their own homes and how they remain efficient whilst going through quarantine.

Emmanuel Dario, Maths and Economics Foundation student at Brunel University London, Miriam Croitoru, Journalism second-year student at the University of Bournemouth, and Ella Frankcom, Computer Network Security first-year student at the University of Westminster express how working from home isn’t ideal.

They explain how distractions around them won’t allow them to get on with their work as they normally would when they were able to be within a student environment, and how not having direct face-to-face interaction with lecturers is also making it more difficult despite universities’ efforts to make classes online as viable as possible.

Hassan Ubaide, an undergraduate Medicine student at Kings College London says how although his university cancelling placements have enabled him to focus more on his exam revision, he also finds it harder to study from home.

“My university has cancelled all physical teaching and placements and has resorted to online teaching. I quite like that I don’t have to go placements, as I can focus more on exam revision. I use my old notes to study now and watch YouTube videos”

“Although, I find it harder to study at home as it’s easier to become complacent. I upturn my bed when I wake up to force myself to study and put it back to normal at night.”


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

COVID-19 has also affected how many final year students will complete their degrees, as the rapid spread has caused the facilities of certain universities to be shut down, leaving many students in the dark and unable to access essential material to help with dissertations and final year projects.

Due to the pandemic leading to lockdown, some third-year students seem to be finding it very difficult to get their final projects done and being forced to find alternatives and working their way around completing their practical work, leaving some struggling to create a good portfolio.

“I’m kind of stuck in the mud. I can’t really do much, everything is up in the air” – Adam Kudur, student at the University of Westminster, London

Adam Kudur, a third-year Contemporary Media Practice student at the University of Westminster, expresses how the lockdown has deeply affected his final year project due to it consisting of a live show event, presenting visual and audio experiences which would have taken place at a club but which he had to cancel due to the circumstances of the pandemic.

“I’m kind of stuck in the mud. I can’t really do much, everything is up in the air as we also just got announced that there will be a lockdown in the UK, so stricter measures are being made and it looks like it’s just getting worse. It has affected everything and my projects and portfolio have suffered.”

“My final project was meant to be my golden ticket to the industry, which was meant to be me hosting my own event and putting on a really good production of visuals and music but I won’t even be able to make that happen properly.”

“For example, for my final project, I wanted to use the green screen room and even that was taken away. So now I’m going to have to buy a green screen with my own money, and even if I buy the equipment I need, I’m going to have to get people from different areas to come to wherever I can set up the green screen and try to film it which I don’t think will be possible anyway.”

“We are very understanding to the issues students face in accessing experts, contacts, and restrictions on doing any fieldwork or filming outside.” – Anastasia Denisova, professor and Journalism course leader at the University of Westminster

Despite the difficulty for many students to complete their work during the lockdown, some universities have informed that they will be lenient with their marking considering the circumstances, which should help some students feel more at ease.

Anastasia Denisova, professor and Journalism course leader at the University of Westminster expresses how it is important for content to still be delivered despite the pandemic so that students are able to complete the modules they have been working on for the previous weeks of the semester. She also tells WNOL how university staff is being understanding with current issues students are facing due to the pandemic.

“It is an unprecedented time for everyone, and people in all jobs and roles find it hard to concentrate and adapt to the new routine. It is important to follow the rhythm of the academic year so that students can complete the assessments that they have been learning hard for and apply the skills they have achieved in the previous 9 weeks before the lockdown and the ones they learn now, under new provisions.”

university online

Image from

“Cancelling all coursework could have resulted in a psychological bummer – as people would have struggled with the interruption of the structure of the semester and not getting the sense of achievement – hence we decided to proceed with online provision and offer plenty of online support, including Skype tutorials and interactive classes.”

“We are very understanding to the issues students face in accessing experts, contacts, and restrictions on doing any fieldwork or filming outside – hence we have eased the requirements for original material and interviews, research methodology, we ask students to reflect in the supporting documents to their coursework on the difficulties they faced due to the pandemic, and we will be much more lenient in marking. Students can also apply for an extension to the deadline if they have been affected by self-isolation.”

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