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Local Election 2018: A country divided

“The country remains to be as divided as its ever been” says Peter Catterall, professor of History and Policy and political expert.

After the 2018 local elections left many people wondering who was the clear winner, Peter Catterall puts the lacklustre attitude down to political parties who “failed to capture people’s imagination or attention.”

All parties have seemingly got something to celebrate, and equally to be disappointed in, with this election’s results.

Here’s what he shared with WNOL about the election:

It seems the election can be defined in one sentence from the political expert: “there’s a sense of disengagement that is palpable.”

Labour victory in Redbridge

Labour keep control of Redbridge, with a massive increase from 36 to 51 seats in the 2018 local election. Their closest competition was the Conservatives, who lost 14 seats which brings their total number of seats to 12.

The Liberal Democrats lost all three of their seats in the borough.

Despite Labour’s obvious success in Redbridge, there was a few close calls

The count at Redbridge Sports Hall lasted 11 hours, taking place from 9:30pm to 8:30am.



Redbridge remains a Labour borough of London.

The result is one of Labour’s largest victories in London, after they made few gains but failed to claim London targets Westminster and Wandsworth.

Also against Labour was the loss of Barnet after the Conservatives claimed control. This comes after months of alleged anti-Semitism within the Labour Party, which is widely believed to have impacted the vote of the borough due to the large Jewish population.

Redbridge Labour Party are holding a celebratory party in Ilford on Sunday to thank all the activists, candidates and party members.

Leader of the Redbridge Conservative Group, Paul Canal congratulated Labour on their success.

View the full list of results for Redbridge here.


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