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Love island as a influencer green card

Social media is rampant in today’s society with more and more young people aspiring to lead a professional career on a social media platform. So where does Love Island come into this? 

The dating show first aired on ITV in 2015, where a group of singletons live in luxury villa for 8 weeks in the hopes of finding love as well as wining a cash prize. The show is known for making contestants “famous” and popular due to their time on the show, but their popularity is mostly on social media. 

With their audiences starting from 16-30 years old, young people are at the forefront of culture that perpetuates having a perfect body image as well as the need to have a large following on social media. Although this may not be the intention behind the show, it is what is being shown on mainstream TV repeatedly with no type of body inclusivity. 


Photo by camilo jimenez on Unsplash

Statistics show that as of 2021, Instagram users in the UK had reached 28.89 million with the individuals aged 25-34 dominating with 31.8%, followed by users aged 18-24 at 23.8%.  

Past contestants from the show have made a name for themselves on social media, blogs, and even fashion deals with big named brands such as Boohoo and Misguided just to name a few. This glamourous and lavish lifestyle has appealed to young people and the traditional career paths are no longer desirable. With millions of viewers tuning in to the show, Love Island is a hotspot for kick starting your presence as a ‘social media influencer’ and the term alone has amounted more than 2,600 searches a month

Amber Gill
Molly-Mae Hague

Monetising on social media popularity is now a newfound way of establishing a career in so many different areas through networking and social media marketing. Social media or influencer marketing is a good way of promoting your brand by reaching a large audience and through understanding the media platform and its algorithms, your following and engagements will increase on your feed. 

Popularity, however, has damaging effects on people especially on social media where thousands of people have an everlasting opinion of you whether you are an influencer or not. Cyberbullying and mental health issues has tainted Love Island entirely as stars from the show have been victim to online trolls and have even committed suicide.  

Former host Caroline Flack had committed suicide in February of last year and during this time, she was receiving heavy amounts of social media backlash that could have contributed to her death. In April 2019, former contestant Gradon had also committed suicide and only two months later, contestant Mike Thalassitis had met the same fate. 

It’s important to recognise the impact social media has on people’s lives both positively and negatively but also the strong hold it has on young people aspiring to be social media influencers. 

At the age of four, she decided to stop being a girl and become Britain’s youngest transgender.

Nowadays, sex trans is nothing new,

Doncaster dad of trans boy, 4, speaks out after son knew he was born the  wrong gender when he was just 3 - YorkshireLive
(Photo: Matthew Stubbings/LinkedIn/)

But recently, Matthew Stubbings, 44, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK, posted a post that attracted a lot of attention. He told the story of his child’s transsexuality. In particular, the child is only four years old.


Matthew and his wife Klara Jeynes have twins.

Among them, the boy’s name is Arlo and the girl’s name is Emerald.

(Photo: Matthew Stubbings/LinkedIn/)

Like most parents, the boy Arlo was given blue and green clothes for men, while the girl’s emerald was given a pink skirt, long hair and a ponytail. By the time the twins were 18 months old, emerald had become uneasy about gender, hated braids, long skirts and beautiful shoes, longed to be as masculine as her brother Arlo, and loved firemen and police toys. She always thought she was a boy, not a girl.

Doncaster dad of trans boy, 4, speaks out after son knew he was born the  wrong gender when he was just 3 - YorkshireLive
(Photo: Matthew Stubbings/LinkedIn/)

The parents also accepted the fact that they cut off their daughter’s long hair and changed it into the boy’s clothes. They changed Emerald’s name to Stormy and lived as a boy. Father Matthew said, “maybe from birth, Stormy is not a girl.”

(Photo: Matthew Stubbings/LinkedIn/)

Now, Stormy is four years old, but his parents have started consulting him for sex trans surgery ahead of time.
They contacted the Tavistock Clinic, the largest cross-gender clinic for children in the UK. But because Stormy has to be 10 years old, or at the beginning of puberty, to do the next step.

Now, his parents have to raise Stormy like a boy until he grows up.

His father worried that as he grew up, Stormy would encounter more and more difficulties. For example, after he went to school as a male, how to solve the problem of going to the bathroom or having sports lessons in the dressing room? The reason why dad made the family situation public this time is not to discuss cross gender issues, but to make the public accept and tolerate the minority.

Matthew said: “This is one of my sons. A bright, happy boy who loves his life. “What many people don’t know is that when he was born he was ‘sexed’ as a girl. His gender identity, what’s in his head, doesn’t match his physical sex.

“I am so proud that he knows who he is and isn’t constrained by societal norms and prejudices. “We can all learn something from this small boy and I learn every day. Everyone is different. “We all need accept that people are different and not try to force those around us to fit into a box that suits us. “Accepting people for who they are is the only way to encourage innovation, embrace growth and harness the best in everyone. “I have permission from my son to post this. He is proud of who he is.

who is our next mayor of london?

polling station in London

Below are some of the top candidates who will be the new mayor of London 2021.

By Mihlali Sidney


Sadiq Khan is the current mayor of London under the labour party, he has been at City Hall for an extra year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. His achievements during his reign as mayor are the Hopper fare, cleaning up London’s air and banning derogatory advertising of women on the tube. But critics say he hasn’t done enough to tackle knife crime and was too slow to give TfL staff PPE during lockdown.

For his second term he plans to, have a fund to re-skill Londoners post-Covid, support for more than 170,000 green jobs and a review into decriminalising cannabis.

USP: A modern Muslim mayor who is as comfortable at the Pride parade as he is mingling with Jacinda Ardern and Justin Trudeau.


Shaun Bailey is a Tory candidate and is second favourite to current mayor Sadiq Khan to win the election.

The former youth worker was brought up by his mother in a council house in Ladbroke Grove where he describes as a violent and traumatic place, he said “people carried knives, sold drugs”. Bailey has been a Conservative in the London Assembly since 2016.

His mayoral policies are; 100,000 homes for £100,000 each so that first-time buyers can get on the property ladder, while other catchy ideas include a competition to design murals around the city. He also promises to “hustle for the city” and provide extra 8,000 police officers and 4,000 youth workers to make London safer if he is elected as mayor.

USP: “I want my community to achieve things on their own and not be told what they can’t do.”


The Swaziland born leader of the first black lead political party in the United Kingdom, Womens Equality party. Mandu plans to put the safety of women and girls high on the agenda after the Sarah Everard tragedy, majority of attention is t to Mandu Reid, who has been a leading voice in the fight for women’s rights over the last month. She has demanded that politicians of all stripes to “treat violence against women and girls as a political and policing priority.”

She grew up in Swaziland and attended the first ever school in Southern Africa where black children and white children could study together. With its diversity and rich culture, she says London is the “first place that ever truly felt like home”.

USP: First black woman to lead a political party


Co-leader of the Green Party Sian Berry. The Camden councillor came third in the 2016 mayoral race with more than 150,000 first-preference votes and is seen as the leading lady in this year’s electoral race. Berry see’s climate change as an increasingly hot political topic across the capital.

The daughter of teachers who was raised in Cheltenham, Sian Berry went to a local grammar school before attending Oxford where she studied Metallurgy and the Science of Materials. Berry is fighting for tenants’ rights. Although imposing rent controls on landlords is currently beyond the power of the mayor, Berry has also vowed to lobby for “protection from soaring rents”. She also wants to introduce a £14 an hour living wage and piloting a universal basic income in the city.

USP: Leading woman in the race on the front foot of the green agenda.

East London fire: 125 firefighters on scene at tower block

A residential tower block in East London has caught fire, according to London Fire Brigade. There are over 100 firefighters at the scene, tackling fires on the 8th, 9th and 10th floors.

According to Pete Apps, the Deputy Editor of the journal Inside Housing, the ACM cladding used in this building is the same as that in Grenfell Tower, which caught fire in 2017, leading to 72 deaths.

Incidentally, the New Providence Wharf building has caught fire two days after Jonathan Sakula, a facades expert with three decades of experience, presented evidence on May 5th to the Grenfell Inquiry that the combustibility of building like Grenfell were well known to the contractors. You can view the full evidence here.

However, on the burning site right now, residents are still trying to reach safety, as you can see in the clip filmed by a neighbour helping another below.

Apsana Begum is the MP for Poplar and Limehouse and raised the issue of the dangerous cladding in the Polar tower block, including the building New Providence Wharf, to the Parliament earlier this year.

Featured image credit to Ben Sutherland.

Can the majority of Poland’s population be fully vaccinated by the end of summer 2021?

The Ministry of Health has announced today that Poland for the first time has vaccinated over 400 000 within 24 hours and the numbers keep growing.

In total, 13,034,348 vaccinations for COVID-19 were carried out in Poland (according to data as of 10:30 on May 7).

Photo by Mat Napo on Unsplash

As United Kingdom’s Covid-19 vaccination is slowing down, Poland at the end of April released the plan with the dates of when each age group will be able to register to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Almost 40% of the population received the vaccine and 9,735,602 people got vaccinated with the first dose in Poland.

3,298,739 people have received two doses.

By the end of this week, all adults are going to be able to book a date for their vaccine.

However, in some cities, it is possible to get vaccinated even before your scheduled date and you can get your first dose the next day after booking your visit.

Photo by Mat Napo on Unsplash

Wioletta, 21 years old who got her first dose of Pfizer before her scheduled date said “I believe that the accelerated vaccination system in Poland was a great idea. It will allow vaccinating as many people as possible in a short amount of time. The ability to get vaccinated faster, and before our turn, also allows us to return to our normal lives sooner.”

All you have to do to get the first dose of the vaccine before your age group is allowed to register is to keep an eye on your online patient profile and see if there is any date available and you can even choose the vaccine you want to be vaccinated with.

As some people are not unable to make their appointments for unseen reasons, others are able to take earlier slots, allowing for society to reach normality earlier than initially expected it.

Featured photo by Steven Cornfield on Unsplash

Hong Kong’s latest policy to domestic helpers sparked controversy

photo published by

First local cases of Covid-19 variant infection is found in Tung Chung community

From the conference of Food and Health Bureau of the Government of Hong Kong on April 30, Secretary Mr Chan Siu-chee revealed that certain cases of the virus have shown a chain of transmission of the mutated virus in the community.

She pointed out that in order to step up testing and combat this, all 370,000 foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong are now required to undergo mandatory testing by May 9. (reported by

This is a result of the first case of infection with two mutated strains of the virus was identified in a community in Hong Kong on the 29th April 2021.

The infected is a foreign home servant, who had no travel history nor contact with confirmed cases, as the authorities said. A 11-month-old girl in her care was also confirmed to be infected.

Hong Kong Food and Health Bureau on April 15 held a press conference to announce the current situation of covid-19 and said that the proportion of imported cases was quite high, at nearly 80%, up considerably from about 67% back in March. (reported by – Hong Kong Government’s latest measures on COVID-19 )

(video Link: reported by

Helpers required to get tests

The infection of the helper, 39, was forced on Thursday evening to be evacuated from the residential block in Tung Chung where she lives.

About 400 households of Tower 11 at Caribbean Coast are to be put under 21-day quarantine.

Conference – Food and Health Bureau, The Govemment of the Hong Kong Secial Administrative Region

Testing is now ongoing and the goverment’s measure sparks alarm

With many complaints of discrimination. It is disputed that the government enforce the foreign domestic helpers to take vaccination before their contracts could be renewed.

The Chief Secretary for Administration Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, said in his blog on May 2 that the purpose of requiring mandatory testing of all FDHs is to protect people. He hopes that FDHs and employers working in Hong Kong would understand the Government’s concern.

The mandatory testing measure is also applicable to other high-risk sectors and does not involve any racial or identity discrimination. (see

Chater Road, Central, Hong Kong – domestic helpers, “half of them line up for testing, half of them gathering as usual” –
“Crowds of FDHs still gathered as usual, with some not wearing masks correctly” –

Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor on Tuesday, said the policy would be reviewed. She said the government had not decided yet on pushing ahead with its plan announced last week to have Hong Kong’s 370,000 foreign domestic workers vaccinated.

According to South China Morning Post (4 May 2021), she highlighted, “Mandatory testing is a key point of fighting against the epidemic.”

She mentioned that more than 100,000 FDHs had been tested over last weekend. In addition, tens of thousands of FDHs have take the vaccination.

The government have faith in accomplishing the mandatory testing to all FDHs in Hong Kong by May 9. (According to, 4 May 2021)

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Elections 2021: The future of London Transport

Voters across the nation voted for their favoured candidate in the 2021 mayoral elections and whilst ballots are still being counted, the fate of London’s transport system hangs in the balance. So, what is each candidate offering? 

CiTTi Magazine (City Transport and Traffic Innovation) summarises each parties’ policies  

Sadiq Khan (Labour) 

  • Open Crossrail, the new line running from Reading to Essex through central London, “as soon as possible” 
  • Work to change the TfL funding model so it is more “sustainable” over the long term 
  • Explore the use of “more dynamic fare pricing”, while protecting the “freedom pass” for disabled and older Londoners 
  • Introduce 4G across the transport network 
  • Bring forward TfL’s plans to have a zero-emission bus fleet by 2030 
  • Expand the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) up to the North and South Circular Road  
  • Affordable transport in London 

Shaun Bailey (Conservative) 

  • Use the London Infrastructure Bank to fund things such as Hammersmith Bridge repairs and tube upgrades 
  • Introduce 30 minutes’ free parking for outer boroughs 
  • Allow companies to sponsor tube stations and Underground lines and use that money to protect free travel for the under-18s and over-60s 
  • Restore outer London bus routes 
  • Suspend low traffic neighbourhoods in places where they are opposed by the local community 
  • Make TfL’s bus fleet zero-emission by 2025 
  • Offer a £6,000 interest-free loan to black-cab drivers who want to transition from diesel to electric vehicles 

Sian Berry (Green) 

  • Merge zones 4, 5 and 6 to “flatten fares” and move towards a single fare zone for all London 
  • Establish a “smarter, privacy-friendly road-pricing plan” to replace the Congestion Charge and ULEZ 
  • Aim to reduce London’s overall traffic miles by 40% by 2026 and 60% by 2030. Close streets near schools and play areas to traffic, for “community use” during key times 
  • Commission a redesign of London’s bus stops 
  • Work towards zero deaths on London roads 
  • Cancel the Silvertown Tunnel project, a twin-road tunnel beneath the River Thames in east London, and the Croydon Fiveways road redesign 
  • Make London zero-carbon by 2030, including establishing a zero-emission bus fleet by this time 

Luisa Porritt (Liberal Democrat) 

  • Build Crossrail 2 and the proposed extension of the Bakerloo Line, and contribute more to the costs of repairing Hammersmith Bridge 
  • Introduce flexible cards so that commuters can opt for a discounted four-day-a-week pass, saving flexible workers an estimated £520 a year 
  • Pioneer a “smart, fair, privacy-friendly pay-as-you-go” road-charging scheme 
  • Scrap the Silvertown Tunnel project 
  • Double expenditure on cycle infrastructure by 2024, including extending the cycle hire scheme and making its bikes free on Sunday for a year 
  • Ensure London buses are electric or run on hydrogen by 2028 
BBC London Youtube channel

 Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

Arsenal’s Last Chance Falls Flat: The Aftermath

Photo by Markus Spiske on

 A lacklustre Arsenal side fell out of the Europa League last night after a 0-0 draw with Villareal at the Emirates Stadium. This was not only their one chance at silverware this season, but also an opportunity to save a campaign that has failed on almost every front.

This has prompted reactions from fans and pundits alike about the current state of the club. Following their involvement with the European Super League last month, the fact that they are twelve points off the top four and the dismal display given by the talented group of players they have at their disposal.

This has led to questions being asked of the manager, the ownership and the club as a whole.

CBS analyst James Benge was one of the first to question the ability of manager Mikel Arteta to lift the squad after the game. The appointment of Arteta has been heavily questioned since the start of the season and may provide more evidence to his critics that he is not yet ready for a job of this magnitude.

Having been hired from Manchester City, where he worked as assistant coach under Pep Guardiola, many questioned his ability take on such an important job with so little managerial experience.

There have been successes, like Steven Gerrard at Rangers, but more often than not, like with Frank Lampard at Chelsea, they are just not ready yet.

Arteta has some big questions to answer, only time will tell if he’s still at the club to do so.

Darren Lewis of the Daily Mirror questioned the decision to substitute Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang with ten minutes to go. After struggling for chances in the first place, Aubameyang was one of the few players to actually look like a threat; hitting the post twice in the game.

This does not reflect well on Arteta, a manager already struggling to prove he is capable of leading one of the country’s most famous clubs. In a game when all they needed was goals, the decision to take off your star striker seems counter intuitive at the very least.

Arsenal fans have never been particularly fond of owner Stan Kroenke, now more than ever it looks as though his time is drawing to a close. After their withdrawal from the infamous European Super League, Kroenke offered an apology that Jacque Talbot from Football365 has deemed “pithy” and insists that, “If Kroenke truly cared, he would sell Arsenal now”.

Matt Law at The Telegraph agrees, calling their ownership “the worst thing that has happened to that football club in my lifetime”. This defeat by Villareal showed a club with limitless potential, but a short-sightedness that can only hold them back. It may not be Arteta’s fault entirely that they are struggling, with every Arsenal manager working with very limited funds in comparison with the rest of the Premier League’s “Big Six”.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has been very publicly talking up a potential bid for the club and has the backing of Arsenal legends like Thierry Henry, though Kroenke has repeatedly stated he will not sell, maybe this is the lease of life Arsenal fans have been looking for.

This dismal draw does not present any new questions, but simply strengthens old arguments about the manager’s, owner’s and players’ capability to bring this club back to the level it once was at. Arsenal have been slowly falling apart for years now, but maybe this will be the shock to system that calls for real change.

Only time will tell.

The Indian Variant likely to be declared ‘Variant of Concern’

The Indian Variant (B.1.617) that was first detected within the UK on the 22nd February 2021, is likely to be considered a ‘Variant of Concern’ according to reports.

Currently, The Indian Variant has over 400 cases across the UK, and makes up 10% of Covid cases in London and despite numbers being relatively low, its status as ‘Variant under Investigation’ is highly likely to be changed on Friday

If changed to a ‘Variant of Concern’, a response from PHE (Public Health England) would suggest ordering surge testing, similar to the South African variant.

The strain – B1.617.2 – is one of three related variants first seen in India which have been detected in the UK and designated “under investigation” by PHE.

The other two are the B1.617.1 and B1.617.3.

The most recent data by PHE, confirm 193 cases of the B1617.1 variant, up by 61 since the last update on April 21.

The B1.617.2 variant shows 202 cases, and the B1.617.3 variant shows just five cases.

According to internal documents from PHE, dated to May 5 and seen by The Guardian, the ongoing risk to public health from the variant subtype B1617.2 is “high”.

Dr Deepti Gurdasani, a clinical epidemiologist and senior lecturer at Queen Mary University of London, told The Guardian that “at the current doubling rate (B1617.2) could easily become dominant in London by the end of May or early June”.

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Featured image: Photo by Giacomo Carra on Unsplash

India COVID-19 CRISIS: ONE NATION, Two worlds.

Indian hospitals turn away patients in Covid-19 'tsunami' - World - DAWN.COM
Photo from Dawm news

Data show that as of April 30, there were 3790308 new confirmed cases and more than 200000 deaths in India.

The second deadly wave of COVID-19 in India has destroyed the big city of Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow and Pune. In those places, hospitals and crematoria have run out of space, and funerals even take place in parking lots. But now, the epidemic has been firmly controlled in many small cities, towns and villages, and the reports of the new coronavirus damage in these places are generally lower than the truth.

At least 13 killed in Indian hospital fire as country gripped by new  coronavirus variant | South China Morning Post
Photo from Dawm news

The world of the underprivileged

An Indian old man’s wife got a new crown and died. In order to prevent the spread of the new crown, the village chased them out. In order to find the crematorium, the old man rode with the body for several hours. When he was tired, he didn’t know how to stop the car, his old companion didn’t know how to put it, and he didn’t know when he would arrive. Is this the last step of life?

Photo from Twitter

The world of the high class

India’s major private aircraft rental, charter service companies ushered in their busiest time.

Every day, I received 80 inquiries about charter flights to Dubai, and took off 12 charter flights a day. Every time it was almost full, the price of air tickets continued to rise, and the supply still exceeded the demand.

India's rich and famous flee country's COVID-19 outbreak on private jets
Photo from Facebook

Some Bollywood stars, such as Ranbir Kapoor and Disha Patani, have fled India to enjoy exotic food and views.

Indian actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui criticized the sharing of holiday photos by thousands of compatriots as they struggled for their lives. He said: “These entertainment celebrities posting vacation pictures at a time when the world is reeling under the worst recession…. Logon ke paas khana nahin hai aur aap paise phenk rahe ho. Kuch toh sharam karo. (People don’t have food to eat and you are spending money like water. Have some shame.)”

The distinct gap between the rich and the poor makes India two different worlds.

The rich fled India long before the Indian government issued a ban on air travel. The poor are still in disaster.

Compared with the celebrities who fled, Bollywood star Akshay Kumar deserves praise.

Photo from

Deeply disturbed by the surge in Covid-19 cases, scarce oxygen supply and short-staffed hospitals during India battle with Covid, Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has donated INR 10 million to the Gautam Gambhir Foundation.

Rows of Funeral Pyres: Delhi is a Collage of Death and Despair as Covid-19  Ravages Lives
Photo from

Nowadays, India’s funeral industry is collapsing. As a result, the dead are not buried in time, resulting in the accumulation of bodies. If we do not find a way to deal with the corpse, then the corpse will rot, causing a plague, India next faces a double blow. If we want to deal with it, then the possible ways are burial and water burial. Next, the number of floating corpses in the Ganges may increase dramatically. In addition, when the living see that the dead can not be buried and the corpses are piled up like mountains, their spirits may be greatly impacted. Indians will completely lose confidence in life. It is estimated that the suicide rate will rise a lot. It seems that the impact on the epidemic prevention itself is not great. But it will add to the horror of hell in India.

The whole society is crumbling, and the Indian people and government are facing many difficulties.

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