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Talks with a cook

Nowadays we come across children with talents grown adults still haven’t mastered yet, one of them being cooking. I know i haven’t…

I interviewed my little brother on this topic of cooking as from an early age I knew he enjoyed doing it, even when it tasted like slop. However, he now has a log book of things he can cook and wanted to find out more about his own personal cooking journey outside of what I have always thought it has been.

So, I invite you to tune in to this talk with a cook.

El Shaddai- Audio slideshow

I the pleasure of interviewing El Shaddai, 24, who is a student nurse and delved into her personal life as well as her life growing up. She opted to use images of herself as she said it “makes her life look like one of those life documentaries”. Envisioning other walks of life is so fascinating and here is one to listen to.

These were the following questions I put forward to her:

Q1: What is your name and age and where are you from?

Q2: What is your occupation if you have one?

Q3: Tell me about your life growing up?

Q4: Lastly, did you have any aspirations growing up or a dream job?

Swiss Universities are partially reopening: What do students think?

Switzerland has further relaxed its Covid-19 restrictions, since infection and hospitalisation rates have become increasingly stable. Currently, the vaccination roll-out is speeding up to over 51,000 jabs a day.

With the easing of restrictions it is now possible, for university students in Switzerland to return to campus after a year of online teaching, following recent government approval.

But there are still some restrictions; no more than 50 people in a class and rooms should not be filled beyond a third of capacity, mask wearing and hygiene measures also still apply.

For its part, the University of Geneva said that it would stick to online learning until the end of the spring semester on May 28, as it had announced earlier. This is to give stability to students and professors during what has been a very unpredictable time.

Lana studying remotely from home
photo credit: Erin Kalejs

Many other Swiss universities have now confirmed that they will either go back to some face to face teaching within the next few weeks or that they will remain online for the rest of the semester.

Switzerland is not the only country that has been keeping its university campuses shut during the pandemic. Universities in neighbouring countries France, Germany and Italy are also closed for on-campus teaching. 

University students in England will be allowed to return to face-to-face teaching from May 17 “at the earliest”.

Lana, a 19 year old university student studying in Geneva shared her thoughts and concerns on returning to in person learning. Listen to the audio interview below to find out what she said.

Want to read more global COVID-19 news? Check out our interactive map.

Featured image by Mira Kireeva on Unsplash

Public asking for 20 year “Thames hero” Jimi to be honoured by the UK government.

FolaJimi died in the river Thames whilst trying to save a woman in need.

Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole 20 years

A petition online has been started by the public to get the attention of the government to honour young Jimi for his heroic act. The public is asking the government for a memorial plaque on London Bridge.

Petition for memorial plaque in honour of Jimi

Jimi was on his way home, coming back from work with a friend when they heard a woman calling for help from the water. Jimi bravely jumped in, in an attempt to save her along with another man, before emergency services arrived on the scene.

The coastguard and police marine units arrived at the scene and were able to rescue the woman and the other man who had jumped in, but Jimi’s body was found later on at 6am in the morning.

A fundraiser was set up to honour Jimi’s bravery with the target of raising £25,000. This is to support his family with funeral arrangements. The target quickly surpassed the target to over £100,000 from over 6000 donations. The organisers took down the GoFundMe after they had noticed that they raised a lot of money. The support from the public can only be described as an outpouring love, gratitude, respect and support for young Jimi who showed bravery and selflessness by trying to save the life of a woman who had fallen from London Bridge into the River Thames on the 24th of April.

GoFundMe surpassed the £25,000 target

Jimi’s, Michael Adewole told The Sun: “Jimi was a very nice, kind young man, he was the heart of our family.

“He was full of life, he had his life to live, he was ambitious, and he was so gifted.”

Mr Adewola believes his son should be recognised for his bravery. “We want justice for him,” he said.

Many in the country have been leaving tributes for the brave young man, as the city is rocked by the tragic news.

There are now calls for Jimi to receive a posthumous award and a Gallantry Award for his act of selflessness and Bravery.

“We want his life to mean something, it will always mean something to us, but he should be rewarded for the bravery he showed, he deserves a medal for what he did.”


“Tattoo changed my initial perception.”

Lin Tanbin

This video is an interview with Lin Tan bin, a tattoo artist. He is 36 years old, with a junior high school diploma. He has worked in many jobs, such as delivery clerk, driver, etc. At the beginning of entering the tattoo industry, he was not approved by his family. With the lapse of time, his family is also attracted by the tattoo culture, tattoo from his hobbies into his career. This year is his third year in the tattoo industry. The video talks about the influence of tattoos on his life and his views on tattoos.

‘I moved from London to Calais to tackle the refugee crisis’

The ongoing refugee crisis has led to many people dedicating their time and resources to helping those in need.

Imogen Hardman did just that when she moved from London to Calais to become the new Operations Manager at the refugee charity Care4Calais.

She’s been there since October 2020 and works everyday to provide food and clothing to migrants camping in and around Calais.

“Living in London, knowing that just over the Channel there were people living in really horrible situations, being treated badly, it felt like a way to come over and show people that we do care.”

Imogen Harman, Operations Manager at Care4Calais

Check out the video below to hear more from Imogen:

Want to learn more about the global refugee situation?

Check out our explainer on the UK’s new asylum reforms.

Watch our video on what it’s like to be a refugee camping in Calais.

From drawing to sculpture: an artist who leaves an imprint

“A lot of the things that I’m very inspired about make their way into the artwork that I create.”

Lauren Marie Haywood is an inspiring, diverse black female artist based in London, UK. A young woman over the years learned to express herself through various mediums of art, including drawing, digital drawing, painting and sculpting.

To see more of the artist’s content, follow Lauren Marie Haywood on:
Instagram; Twitter; dribbble

The featured image belongs to Lauren Marie Haywood.

Professor Carl Jones delivers a lecture on ‘fake news’ for secondary school children

Carl Jones, a PR and Advertising senior lecturer at the University of Westminster has hosted an online lecture on ‘Fake news & how to Spot it’ earlier this week via the software Microsoft teams to almost 1,400 students within the UK.

The talk was arranged by the charity Speakers for Schools, which was established to put young people in touch with eminent figures and societal leaders including CEOs and professors, as well as their organisations.

As stated on their website, Speakers for Schools have managed to reach more than 890,000 students nationwide through their talks and work experience programme since the charity was founded in 2010.

During his talk, Jones discussed the theme of Fake News and later explored its appearances in social media sites, advertising, as well as journalism.

The talk was ended by providing a tool kit that young students are able to apply in order to find out whether a piece of information would be misinformation or not.

WNOL asked Carl Jones why he thought it mattered to make students – people aware of the circulation of fake news, his answer was:

Below is a Tweet of Carl Jones delivering the lecture a few days ago posted by Speakers for Schools charity.

By Gabriela Jimenez

Featured image from

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