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Live music industry under major threat

In 2019 the music industry was worth £5.2bn to the British economy and the live music sector was breaking the £1bn barrier.

Revenues from different sectors in the music industry from Report Music by Numbers 2019 by Music UK

The chief executive of UK Theatre and the Society of London Theatre, Julian Bird communicated that in their  “latest survey (…) 70% of theatres or production companies, both, would run out of cash and go out of business by the end of this year. That was consistent whether you looked at London, the rest of the UK – whether you looked at subsidised organisations or commercial organisations. It was consistently around 70% for everybody.”

In an open letter, more than 1400 artists are calling on the UK government to come up with solutions against the total collapse due to the coronavirus pandemic. Biggest names in rock and pop music such as Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Radiohead, Muse, Eric Clapton, Iron Maiden, Bring Me The Horizon, Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora, Coldplay, Annie Lennox, The Cure, Phil Collins have decided to unite their voices and spread this message in the music world. They are warning that a lack of support and continued uncertainty is having a devastating impact in one of the world’s biggest live music market. 

In the joint letter, the artists say:

“UK live music has been one of the UK’s biggest social, cultural, and economic successes of the past decade. From world-famous festivals to ground-breaking concerts, the live music industry showcases, supports, and develops some of the best talent in the world – on and off-stage. As important as it is, our national and regional contribution isn’t purely cultural.

Artists urged their fans to post pictures and videos of the last shows they attended before lockdown using the hashtag #LetTheMusicPlay. 

During the lockdown, artists have found alternative ways of sharing their craft such as livestreams and digital content. In regards to this matter, Bird also mentioned that the in the streaming model it’s not the musicians who are put first. Majority of them are surviving on hardship funds.

As the fourth largest music market in the world, the appeal notes that state support for live music is way behind many other European countries. France and Germany for example have used public money to kickstart their concert industries post-Covid19. 

The UK music industry is asking for more information concerning the reopening of venues, big and small and without social distancing. Once these venues reopen, businesses demand a full VAT exemption on ticket sales. In the meantimes, a comprehensive business and employment support package and access to finance. The package should include a government backed insurance scheme  with rent breaks for venues to allow them to reopen and financial support for lost box-office income. 

Artists are wondering what the landscape is going to look like on the other side of this crisis. Many of them are afraid that if the government doesn’t step up “vital aspects of the british culture will be lost forever” says Emily Eavis, the organiser of the Glastonbury festival. A long term impact could be indeed, devastating. 

(Featured Image credit: UK Music)

How the fashion industry has assisted during the pandemic

The outbreak of the coronavirus is still lingering in the air. With the NHS on the frontline across the UK, there has been a drop in stock for medical garments.

We had begun this crisis in an ‘act-fast’ movement, whereby panic shopping was at its peak. The government have put in place various restrictions on buying goods that have now flat-lined. However, the shortage of supplies for precautious gear has seen to come as a demand, especially now that we are advised to use PPE (personal protective equipment); such as masks.

As the pandemic has caused most stores to close, this has affected the distribution for supplies. Although there are many online distributors still operating; receiving stock will be delayed or even cancelled due to less transfers depending on the departure location. This has taken a toll on the NHS, whereby there is a lack of scrubs and protective gear to ensure that they are equipped sufficiently.

It goes without notice that the fashion industry has adapted to this health crisis. Throughout this period, there have been fabric suppliers donating materials to make scrubs and masks for the NHS, along with the help of fashion students.

Interview with a Fabric Retailer – The Director of Classic Textiles UK Ltd, Aniza Meghani

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

How have you been able to adapt to this recent pandemic?

Have you had customers approach you for help?

The Director of Classic Textiles explains that the Queens dressmaker, Stuart Parvin has been in contact with her for fabrics, to ensure scrubs and masks are made for the NHS.

Do you believe the lockdown has effected your business?

She explains that the store is open only for an hour for booked-in clientele, who wish to help the NHS during this pandemic.

After the lockdown is lifted are you going to take any further precautions when opening?

The help of online presence through retail

The fashion market have been able to make a statement even in lockdown. While their online presence still stands, they are pushing their creativity to build a foundation for the NHS and for charities across the UK; to give back to the community.

  • Pretty Little Thing: The PLT crew have designed T-shirts to support the NHS with 100% of proceeds to be donated to the heroes.
  • Trapstar London: The well-known brand are using their creativity to help out during this health crisis, by designing garments for their ‘Charity Collection’. All proceedings will be donated to support London based charities and key workers.
  • Boohoo: The online retailer have developed attire with the symbolic rainbow print to spread love and faith during the pandemic. All profits will go to the NHS Trusts.
  • Asos: Known for their ‘Asos Supports’ community, the British retailer have designed unisex charity T-shirts and hoodies in support for frontline heroes. 100% of sales from this collection will be donated to charities that are supporting local NHS trusts.

What about Europe?

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels
  • Intidex: The textiles manufacturer commonly associated with Zara has produced medical garments for Spain.
  • Prada: In Milan, the co-CEOs and chairman of Prada have assisted three hospitals by donating intensive care and resuscitation units.
  • H&M: The Swedish retailer known for its fast-fashion market, have helped the EU through sharing purchasing operations and logistics to provide supplies via donation. As some retailers have cancelled orders for manufactured products, H&M is the first retailer to agree to pay its suppliers for cancellation according to just-style.

Featured Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

The Last of Us Part 2 new release date confirmed after story leaks emerge online

The release date for the Last of Us part 2 has been brought forward after its third delay because of coronavirus as well as story spoilers being leaked online.

Although NaughtyDog Studios and its Vice President Neil Druckmann were devastated by the spoiler leaks, they are still urging fans to look forward to the game and that nothing compares to actually playing the game yourself and taking in its emotional experience first hand.

The following video highlights all the key details including why the game was delayed and in an interview with WNOL, two gamers who came across the spoilers share in detail their thoughts on how they feel about the game.

WARNING: Video contains violence and gore from gameplay footage:

(Music by: bdProductions Royalty free Background Music Youtube)

(Feature image: TheSixthAxis)

(Leaves foliage and butterfly image in video by: @Naughty_dog_inc Instagram)

(Controllers and video game cover panning: Dina’s footage/recording)

by Dina Nazari

Coronavirus vs Football transfer market

The summer transfer window usually opens on July 1st, and the deadline recently got returned from August 8th to August 31st. This was implemented a long time before the lockdown was enforced by nations across Europe and before football seasons across the globe were put on hold alongside other sports.

With most leagues expected to return to action between late May and mid-June, many have questioned what the summer transfer window would look like.

This time last year, football clubs were already working on deals that would come to fruition once the transfer window opened, although this year this has been different due to Coronavirus.


Image from

The main example of this is the Dortmund- Jadon Sancho- Manchester United saga. The Manchester United hierarchy have made their interest in the 20-year-old England international very clear and seem to be in pole position as they have already begun fruitful negotiations with the player and his agent.

The obstacle here however according to sources from Germany, was that due to the Coronavirus situation there was a gap in communication between the clubs, therefore, they will have to wait till when the lockdown in both countries is lifted.

That was until midnight on May 7th when reports from Germany stated United are willing to wait till summer 2021 for the deal to be sealed due to the financial impact of Coronavirus.


Image from Wikimedia Commons

Dortmund have made it clear however that they are not willing to go below their €100 million asking price which equates to £87.4 million which has left United fans who have seen the Glazers unwilling to pay such high prices in recent times leading to deals stalling over a long period such as the £47.5 million Bruno Fernandes signing in the January window which took the whole of January, sceptical of the possibility of this deal happening especially now that clubs have lost a lot of money during this period of suspension football has gone through.

Here’s a tweet from a United fan reiterating the recent reports that came out.

This is just one example of how Coronavirus is affecting transfers. Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has been told by the Arsenal hierarchy to focus on loan and swap deals when the window opens on the basis of the fact the club wouldn’t be able to finance a spending spree type summer transfer window.

There were mixed feelings from football fans on this news. Arsenal brought in Nicholas Pepe on finance last summer and are still paying off his transfer fee in instalments.

Paul Pogba, who has highly anticipated a move away from Manchester United can see himself stuck at old Trafford if the Coronavirus snowball effect affects the pockets of the big boys in Europe who could afford his £120 million-plus asking price.

Fans believe this deal going through has a major part to play in providing funds to finance the Jadon Sancho deal.

This shows how Coronavirus has affected pockets and efficiency of transfers in this period. According to Fifa, the transfer window could open for longer up till January to financially help clubs get back on their feet but they have not been clear about when it would be open for all, though many sources cite an opening by mid-June for teams to bolster their squads in preparation for the last lap of their season.

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The show must go on!

With all the live events and music shows being shut down left and right, artists everywhere have had to make the tough decision to postpone their concerts until further notice.

Our favourite artists are trying to come up with creative ways to keep music alive and keep us entertained in these gloomy times. While in the previous years music lovers would start planning for the festival season by now, there are very little signs or hope for a normal summer season at all. If you’re tired spending your days on the couch, turn the music on, open the windows and dance all your worries (and calories) away for a minute or thirty.

Tame Impala released a new playlist playlist on Youtube called “The Slow Rush in an imaginary place”. In the background the listener can hear people cheering and having fun. If you miss live music dreamy atmosphere, grab a pair of headphones and immerse yourself into this Tame Impala psychedelic goodness. Travel into the past, or maybe the future. You decide.

Coldplay’s front-singer and a many other artists delighted their audience on Instagram with live at-home concerts. Chris Martin spent thirty minutes playing his best tracks on piano encouraging other artists to do the same. His live has been viewn over 4.7 million times and inspired people to share their own version of their #ToghetherAtHome over 58.000 times.

Sam Smith has also shared three performances singing by himself live, all the way from his living-room. Due to the recent events Smith decided to postpone the release to his third studio album and change its title.

The english indie rock band Nothing but Thieves have been meaning to realease new material for a quite a while. Their new song “Is everyone going crazy?” seems to have been written exactly for our times and relates to out current struggles. It’s a great catharsis song, recommend 10/10 for headbanging and aimelessly jumping around the living room.

“Is anyone else feeling lonely?”

Social media use has increased drastically and we’ve seen many musicians’ new ways to have fun and engaging with their fans. #Quarantinekaraoke, live-at-home-concerts, virtual festivals and gaming twitch streams… We can’t help but wonder, what’s next?

As we wait for the new wave of digital music interaction incited by the quarantined musicians worldwide, people have turned to music to feel less lonely in their homes.

What might seem like a catastrophy for the night economy could become a transformation of the music industry itself. New platforms for music broadcasting are emerging.

#DigitalFort is a two day event showcasing over 100 artists. This is meant to be an online festival to help raise money for those hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

One can have fun and be of service at the same time. Hopefully you have a good internet connection and you’re even luckier if you have some nice neighbours… the party can finally begin!

celebrities under quarantine

What do celebrities, royals and normal people have in common during this time? We all have to stay at home for a particular time.

This can be boring sometimes, and you might start to search in social media for something funny and that makes you think of something different for a second.

Here are four celebrities who thought of something to engage with their fans during this crisis:

1: Robbie Williams


Robbie Williams is a famous singer with millions of fans all over the world. He came up with the idea to sweeten the quarantine for his followers by singing for them at the livestream of Instagram. This is called “Corona-oke”. The singer is singing own songs or those of different artists like Elvis Presley. The fans can write their request into the stream.

2: Sam Neil:

The actor from New Zealand has also thought of something for his fans. He is posting videos, where he is talking about wine or is reading bedtime stories and poems.

3: Madonna


Madonna wants to entertain and keep her fans up to date as well. The singer came up with the idea to start a “Corona diary” to give her followers impressions into her daily life during quarantine.

4: Chrissy Teigen:

On her Instagram page the model and TV personality is uploading little videos about her kids or with her husband and she is also giving cooking advices to her community.

source:  the Guardian:

featured image:

Saint Patrick’s day – What’s it all about?

With the unpredictable fate of this year’s St. Patrick’s day parades, it’s a good moment to reflect on past years and what the 17th of March really means to many people. 

The 17th of March appears in everyone’s calendars as St. Patrick’s Day Bank Holiday. Whether they celebrate or not it’s known to be a widespread celebration. Yet, many are unaware of the history behind the date, and why it’s so significant to many across the world. 

Everyone knows that St Patrick’s day is a traditional Irish celebration. There are usually big parades, dances, marches and music in many major cities across the UK, Ireland and The United States. The focus of these celebrations is Irish culture. But what people don’t know is that this is actually an anniversary for the death of Saint Patrick. 

Credit: – The patron Saint Patrick was not Irish, but instead British

So who was Saint Patrick?

According to, Saint Patrick was the patron saint of Ireland who started out as a slave. It’s said that he was born in Roman Britain and kidnapped at the age of 16 by Irish pirates. During this time, St. Patrick became hugely committed to Christianity, believing that the Irish should be Christians like him. 

Eventually Patrick broke free from enslavement and entered priesthood in France. After being ordained as a priest, he was sent to Ireland to spread Christianity in Ireland and support the Christian community. It’s believed that he died in circa 461 A.D.

His most recognisable work was the legend of St.Patrick where he used the now symbol of Ireland, the Shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity. The three leaves represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

When was the first celebrated St. Patrick’s Day?

The first recorded Saint Patrick’s Day parade was in Florida, USA – not Ireland. It’s believed that it was held in 1601 in what is now St. Augustine and in a Spanish colony. Over a century after, in 1772, New York City saw homesick Irish soldiers march the streets to honour Saint Patrick. From there, the celebrations and marches only grew into what we know and see today. 

It’s unclear when the first celebrations were in England. According to numerous sources, there appeared to be debate over celebrating Saint Patrick alongside Saint George. However, parades have grown more prominent in the UK, with parades being held in London each year.

Credit: – Dublin is the number one place to be for St. Patrick’s Day

The first parade to be held in Ireland was in 1903, in Waterford. Since then, Dublin has been named as one of the best places to be on the 17th of March. Today, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Dublin run over five days and nights, showcasing the best of Irish culture. However, due to the current health concerns, the traditional parades won’t be going ahead.

Dublin’s Saint Patrick Festival typically includes many different events and displays, such as walking tours of history, art displays and performances from live musicians. However, due to the growing health concern surrounding the Coronavirus, many of these events have been cancelled or postponed. Check their website for more details. 

BAFTA Television Awards 2019: Full list of nominees

The best of British television will be celebrated on Sunday (12th May) at the 2019 BAFTA Television Awards. Killing Eve leads the nominations with 15 nods, while A Very English Scandal follows with 12. Here’s the full list of nominees – and you can find everything else you need to know about the awards here.

Virgin Media’s Must-See Moment (voted for by the public)

Coronation Street – Gail’s monologue on Aidan Connor’s suicide

Doctor Who – Rosa Parks, the Doctor and her companions make sure historical moments remain

Killing Eve – Eve stabs Villanelle

Peter Kay’s Car Share – The Finale

Bodyguard – The bomb during Julia Montague’s speech

Queer Eye – Tom completes his transformation

Comedy Entertainment Programme

The Big Narstie Show – Ben Wicks, Obi Kevin Akudike, Nathan Brown, Aoife Bower – Expectation Entertainment / Dice Productions / Channel 4

The Last Leg – Andrew Beint, Ben Knappett, Lisa Kirk, Cimran Shah – Open Mike / Channel 4

A League of Their Own – David Taylor, Jack Shillaker, Ish Kalia, Murray Boland – CPL Productions / Sky One

Would I Lie To You? – Peter Holmes, Rachel Ablett, Ruth Phillips, Adam Copeland – Zeppotron / BBC One

Current Affairs

Football’s Wall of Silence (Al Jazeera Investigations) – Production Team – Al Jazeera English

Iran Unveiled: Taking On The Ayatollahs (Exposure) – Production Team – Hardcash Productions / ITV

Massacre at Ballymurphy – Callum Macrae, Gwioh Owain, Mark Williams, Charlie Hawryliw – Outsider Television / Channel 4

Myanmar’s Killing Fields (Dispatches) – Production Team – Evan Williams Productions / Mongoose Pictures / Channel 4

Drama Series

Bodyguard – Production Team – World Productions / BBC One

Informer – Jonny Campbell, Rory Haines, Sohrab Noshirvani, Julian Stevens – Neal Street Productions / BBC One

Killing Eve – Production Team – Sid Gentle Films / BBC One

Save Me – Production Team – World Productions / Sky Atlantic

Entertainment Performance

Anthony McPartlin, Declan Donnelly – Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway – ITV Studios / Mitre Television / ITV

David Mitchell – Would I Lie To You? – Zeppotron / BBC One

Lee Mack – Would I Lie To You? – Zeppotron / BBC One

Rachel Parris – The Mash Report – Zeppotron / BBC Two

Entertainment Programme

Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway – Pete Ogden, Saul Fearnley, Tom Locking, Helen Kruger Bratt – ITV Studios / Mitre Television / ITV

Britain’s Got Talent – Charlie Irwin, Amelia Brown, Lee McNicholas – Thames / Syco Production / ITV

Michael McIntyre’s Big Show – Dan Baldwin, Claire Horton, Christian Fletcher, Michael McIntyre – Hungry McBear Media / BBC One

Strictly Come Dancing – Production Team – BBC Studios / BBC One

Factual Series

24 Hours in A&E – Production Team – The Garden Productions / Channel 4

Life and Death Row: The Mass Execution – Production Team – BBC Studios: The Documentary Unit / BBC Three

Louis Theroux’s Altered States – Production Team – BBC Studios: The Documentary Unit / BBC Two

Prison – Richard Melman, Paddy Wivell, Kathy Myers, Jack Wood – Spring Films / Channel 4


Gordon, Gino and Fred’s Road Trip – Martin Dance, Chris Brogden, Steph Weatherill, Sam Campbell – Studio Ramsay / ITV

The Great British Bake Off – Production Team – Love Productions / Channel 4

Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing – Production Team – Owl Power / BBC Two

Who Do You Think You Are? – Colette Flight, Sarah Feltes, Anna Kirkwood, David Vincent – Wall To Wall Media / BBC One

Female Performance in a Comedy Programme

Daisy May Cooper – This Country – BBC Studios / BBC Three

Jessica Hynes – There She Goes – Merman / BBC Four

Julia Davis – Sally4Ever – Various Artists / Hush Ho Productions / Sky Atlantic

Lesley Manville – Mum – Big Talk Productions / The Money Men / BBC Two


54 Hours: The Gladbeck Hostage Crisis – Regina Ziegler. Killian Riedhof, Holger Karsten Schmidt – Ziegler Film / ARD Degeto / BBC Four

The Handmaid’s Tale – Bruce Miller, Warren Littlefield, Elisabeth Moss, Mike Barker – MGM / Channel 4

Reporting Trump’s First Year: The Fourth Estate (Storyville) – Liz Garbus, Jenny Carchman, Justin Wilkes, Dan Cogan – Radical Media / BBC Two

Succession – Production Team – HBO Entertainment / Project Zeus / Gary Sanchez Productions / Sky Atlantic

Leading Actor

Benedict Cumberbatch – Patrick Melrose – Two Cities / Sunnymarch TV / Little Island Productions / Sky Atlantic

Chance Perdomo – Killed By My Debt – BBC Studios: The Documentary Unit / BBC Three

Hugh Grant – A Very English Scandal – Blueprint Pictures / BBC One

Lucian Msamati – Kiri – The Forge Entertainment / Channel 4

Leading Actress

Jodie Comer – Killing Eve – Sid Gentle Films / BBC One

Keeley Hawes – Bodyguard – World Productions / BBC One

Ruth Wilson – Mrs Wilson – Snowed-in Productions / BBC One

Sandra Oh – Killing Eve – Sid Gentle Films / BBC One

Live Event

Open Heart Surgery: Live – Production Team – The Garden Productions / Channel 5

Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance – Production Team – BBC Studios / BBC One

The Royal Wedding: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – Production Team – BBC Studios / BBC One

Stand Up To Cancer – Suzi Aplinn, Andrew Charles Smith, Murray James, Gabe Turner – Fulwell 73 / Channel 4

Male Performance in a Comedy Programme

Alex MacQueen – Sally4Ever – Various Artists / Hush Ho Productions / Sky Atlantic

Jamie Demetriou – Stath Lets Flats – Roughcut TV / Channel 4

Peter Mullan – Mum – Big Talk Productions / The Money Men / BBC Two

Steve Pemberton – Inside No.9 – BBC Studios / BBC Two


A Very English Scandal – Russel T. Davies, Stephen Frears, Dominic Treadwell-Collins, Dan Winch – Blueprint Pictures / BBC One

Kiri – Jack Thorne, George Ormond, Toby Bentley, Euros Lyn – The Forge Entertainment / Channel 4

Mrs Wilson – Ruth Kenley-Letts, Richard Laxton, Anna Symon, Ruth Wilson – Snowed-In Productions / BBC One

Patrick Melrose – Production Team – Two Cities / Sunnymarch TV / Little Island Productions / Sky Atlantic

News Coverage

Bullying and Harassment in the House of Commons (Newsnight) – Production Team – BBC / BBC Two

Cambridge Analytica Uncovered – Production Team – ITN / Channel 4

Good Morning Britain: On a Knife Edge – Production Team – ITV Studios Daytime / ITV

Good Morning Britain: Thomas Markle Exclusive – Production Team – ITV Studios Daytime / ITV

Reality & Constructed Factual

Dragon’s Den – Production Team – BBC Studios / BBC Two

I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! – Production Team – ITV Studios / ITV

Old People’s Home For 4 Year Olds – Murray Boland, Trish Powell, Benjamin Leigh, Louise Bartmann – CPL Productions / Channel 4

The Real Full Monty: Ladies Night – Production Team – Spun Gold TV / ITV

Scripted Comedy

Derry Girls – Lisa McGee, Michael Lennox, Caroline Leddy, Liz Lewin – Hat Trick Productions / Channel 4

Mum – Stefan Golaszewski, Richard Laxton, Kenton Allen, George Fallon – Big Talk Productions / The Money Men / BBC Two

Sally4Ever – Production Team – Various Artists / Hush Ho Productions / Sky Atlantic

Stath Lets Flats – Production Team – Roughcut TV / Channel 4

Short Form Programme

Bovrill Pam (Snatches From Women’s Lives) – Vanessa Caswill, Vicky Jones, Debbie Christie – BBC Studios / BBC Four

The Mind of Herbert Clunkerdunk – Spencer Jones, Jon Riche, David Simpson – Tiger Aspect / BBC iPlayer

Missed Call – Production Team – Field Day Productions / Little Dot Studios / Real Stories

Wonderdates – Lydia Hampson, Tim Key, Jonathan Van Tulleken – Two Brothers Pictures / BBC iPlayer

Single Documentary

Driven: The Billy Monger Story – Caroline Hawkins, Charlie Russell, Will Grayburn – Oxford Scientific Films / BBC Three

Gun No.6 – Jmaes Newton, Zac Beattie, Georgina Cammalleri, Rupert Houseman – The Garden productions / BBC Two

My Dad, the Peace Deal and Me – Production Team – Dragonfly / BBC One

School For Stammerers – Jill Worsley, Rachel Bloomfield – Shiver / ITV

Single Drama

Bandersnatch (Black Mirror) – Charlie Brooker, Annabel Jones, David Slade, Russell Mclean – House of Tomorrow / Netflix

Care – Donna Malloy, Colin McKeown, Jimmy McGovern, David Blair – LA Productions / BBC One

Killed By My Debt – Production Team – BBC Studios: The Documentary Unit / BBC Three

Through The Gates (On The Edge) – Lisa Walters, Georgia Christou, Stella Coraddi – Backlight TV / Channel 4

Soap & Continuing Drama

Casualty – Production Team – BBC Studios / BBC One

Coronation Street – Production Team – ITV Studios / ITV

Eastenders – Production Team – BBC Studios / BBC One

Hollyoaks – Bryan Kirkwood, Emily Gascoyne, Colette Chard, Kevin Rundle – Lime Pictures / Channel 4

Specialist Factual

Bros: After The Screaming Stops – David Soutar, Joe Pearlman, Leo Pearlman, Heather Greenwood – Fulwell 73 / BBC Four

Grayson Perry: Rites of Passage – Grayson Perry, Neil Crombie, Joe Evans, James House – Swan Films / Channel 4

Suffragettes With Lucy Worsley – Production Team – Brook Lapping / BBC One

Superkids: Breaking Away From Care – Guy King, Emily Turner, Simon McMahon – Expectation / Channel 4


2018 Six Nations: Scotland V England – Production Team – BBC Sport / BBC One

2018 World Cup Quarter Final: England V Sweden – Production Team – BBC Sport / BBC On

England’s Test Cricket – Cook’s Farewell – Production Team – Sky Sports / Sky Sports Cricket

Winter Olympics – Production Team – BBC Sport / BBC Two

Supporting Actor

Alex Jennings – Unforgotten – Mainstreet Pictures / ITV

Ben Whishaw – A Very English Scandal – Blueprint Pictures / BBC One

Kim Bodnia – Killing Eve – Sid Gentle Films / BBC One

Stephen Graham – Save Me – World Productions / Sky Atlantic

Supporting Actress

Billie Piper – Collateral – The Forge Entertainment / BBC Two

Fiona Shaw – Killing Eve – Sid Gentle Films / BBC One

Keeley Hawes – Mrs Wilson – Snowed-In Productions / BBC One
Monica Dolan –  A Very English Scandal – Blueprint Pictures / BBC One

Tune in to the 2019 BAFTA Television Awards at 8pm on Sunday 12thMay on BBC One.

Featured image courtesy of Wikipedia.

BAFTA Television Awards 2019: Everything you need to know

On Sunday, stars of the small screen will come together to celebrate the best of British television at the BAFTA Television Awards. Here’s everything you need to know about the ceremony showcasing the best in the industry.

When is the BAFTA Television Awards?

The ceremony takes place on Sunday 12th May at 8pm.

The BAFTA Television Awards have been a separate event from the British Television Craft Awards – which celebrate the best of the behind-the-scenes talent – since 1998. The BAFTA Craft Awards took place on 28thApril and saw talent from A Very English Scandal, Killing Eve and Patrick Melrose take home multiple awards.

How can I watch?

The awards will be broadcast on BBC One from 8pm on Sunday. The ceremony will not be live but a delayed, edited version will be shown.

If you can’t watch it on Sunday, BBC iPlayer will have a version available to stream shortly after its television broadcast.

Where will the awards take place?

The ceremony will take place at the Royal Festival Hall on London’s Southbank, where it has taken place since 2016.

Who’s hosting the BAFTA Television Awards? 

Graham Norton has been confirmed as the host for the 2019 ceremony. He previously hosted the ceremony in 2005 and has said it would be a ‘pleasure to reward brilliant talent’ at the awards.

Who’s been nominated?

Killing Eve leads the nominations with 15. A Very English Scandal follows with 12 nominations, and Bodyguard and Patrick Melrose each have 6 nominations.


Click here for a full list of nominees.

Tune in to the 2019 BAFTA Television Awards at 8pm on Sunday 12thMay on BBC One.

Featured image courtesy of Wikipedia.


Sonic the Hedgehog movie given all-new redesign after fan backlash

With the release of Pokemon’s Detective Pikachu, the pressure is on for other video game-related movies. One, in particular, is Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog which is scheduled for release in November. Film stars include Ben Schwarts as the titular character, Jim Carrey as villain Doctor Robotnik, as well as James Marsden, Tika Sumpter, Natasha Rothwell, Neal McDonough, and Adam Pally. While there have been some questions in the casting of Jim Carrey, it is the appearance of protagonist Sonic in the trailer that has upset fans.

Watch the trailer below:





The trailer itself has received criticism for its use of Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise, which many fans believe is out of place in a movie about a children’s video game character.

But it was the appearance of Sonic himself that has become a hot topic online in the past week, with fans pointing out the ‘uncanny valley’ effect of Sonic’s teeth, eyes, and body.



Some fans have taken it upon themselves to improve the look of the character. One redesign by digital artist Edward Pun has received over 80,000 retweets and over 320,000 likes on Twitter. Many have criticised the Sonic on the left as looking like a man in a costume, whereas the right’s body and eye shape are more like the iconic Sega character.

This has all lead to the director of the film, Jeff Fowler, to respond to comments on Twitter saying that they will be redesigning the character to best fit what fans want. This redesign comes just six months before the film’s release.

It’s unclear if the film’s release date will be pushed back.




The release of Detective Pikachu and its early positive reviews has lead to comparisons between the two iconic video game characters. While Pikachu is near identical to the character it’s based on, Sonic has been likened more to a cat than its hedgehog roots.


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