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An educator —brought “foreign” musicals to China


As a British Chinese actor / Director / lyricist, he immigrated to the UK in 1999. He has successively completed his master’s degree in creative media industry and master’s degree in musical performance from the University of Warwick and the Montessori Academy of stage and performing arts. After graduation, he has been active in the UK’s stage and film performance circles. Founder of TNS future stage drama.

1,Why did you give up high paying jobs in the UK and choose drama instead?

Jeremy said:I chose to major in foreign trade because at that time, everyone thought this major had a good job and a bright future. But this is not what I like, but when I was working in the UK, an accident started. A drama troupe came to the UK to perform. When I saw the big friends and children releasing their dancing positions on the stage, I thought that was what I wanted, so I resigned that day and went to study in Montessori Academy of Arts Stage, I was the oldest when I entered school, even the teacher was younger than me, and I was still an Asian at that time. After graduation, I became an actor. I think that’s what I want.

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

After graduating, Jeremy Xie settled down in the performing arts circle for a while, and then resolutely chose to establish TNS (the next stage UK). From 2011, she took Chinese children abroad, looked at the world, felt the leading global drama education, so as to open up self-confidence and express themselves freely and happily.

2,Why do you choose to be an educator from an actor and still bring “foreign” musicals to the Chinese people?

When I was an actor, I found that there were very few Asian actors, and the types were limited. So I thought of education. At the beginning, I was teaching drama in Britain, and I only let Chinese teenagers or children participate in summer camps to experience drama culture in Britain. Later, those Chinese children were very fond of it. They hoped that I could come to China to teach. There was hardly any foreign drama (singing and dancing) taught in China like us. So I went back to China to teach. I just didn’t expect that Chinese parents and children were so enthusiastic. Ten years later, I still remember a girl from the first summer camp. Now she has a family.

3,What do you think is the difference between Chinese and “foreigners” learning musical? I mean, what’s the difference in the way they learn?

Jeremy Xie said:”Foreigners” tend to be more “open” in class. They will interact with you and be more confident. Although Chinese people tend to be shy and dare not sing boldly at the beginning of their study, they usually practice singing and dancing for a week after they go home, but they really love drama class and stage, so that their efficiency will be higher than that of foreign students.

What drama brings to people is the enjoyment of art. It has never been “unattainable”, but a literary and artistic process of experiencing characters and stories. In the face of the public stage, no longer shy and timid, confident and bold to show themselves is a breakthrough.

4,Because of the coronavirus, you and your team can only teach Chinese children online. What do you think is the impact of the current situation on you

Jeremy said:Yes, covid-19 has a great impact on us, because musicals are often used as a form of stage performance combining singing, dancing, performance and dialogue, with the most emphasis on face-to-face communication. Although only across the computer screen, but still can not stop the enthusiasm of students, they will also be very active in online classes. In addition, I hope people can overcome the epidemic.

Click here to see the rehearsal of Chinese children:【TNS】”星”梦奇缘精英A班_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili


“Tattoo changed my initial perception.”

Lin Tanbin

This video is an interview with Lin Tan bin, a tattoo artist. He is 36 years old, with a junior high school diploma. He has worked in many jobs, such as delivery clerk, driver, etc. At the beginning of entering the tattoo industry, he was not approved by his family. With the lapse of time, his family is also attracted by the tattoo culture, tattoo from his hobbies into his career. This year is his third year in the tattoo industry. The video talks about the influence of tattoos on his life and his views on tattoos.

Art comes from life, but is higher than life.

The charm of art is that it takes us far away, but makes us feel at home.—Excellent sheep
Alex and his symphony orchestra are on a show

Canon in D (Pachelbel’s Canon) , a cello song. Melodious, low, like an old man’s leisurely chat, narrates the ordinary story of her life.
It circulates. My mind drifted back to the old houses and streets of the village more than 20 years ago. The foundation is made of green brick, which is higher than half of the ground. The soil is mixed with straw. The old street is a dirt road, which is well built. Every morning, clean up and sprinkle some water. In the evening, move a small table, small stool, a family around, while enjoying the cool, while eating. After dinner, lie on a bamboo recliner. The children are running and playing. Adults take off the tiredness of the day and chat…

Alex is a Chinese cello student. He has been practicing Cello for 12 years, among which he has participated in many symphony orchestras and played many pieces. In the following video, we will interview him with the cello story.
With the continuous development of Chinese art, Chinese education began to focus on the art examination (special art college entrance examination), and he also successfully gained an advantage in the art examination. However, in the face of today’s parents forcing their children to learn art in order to take the examination, he thinks that this is not desirable. Art comes from life and is higher than life. “We should enjoy art, not let it go Art has become a tool for us to make profits (mainly) “. The most important thing in learning everything is not only interest but also persistence.

Interview with Alex

Reference[1]任海琨. 大提琴的艺术魅力[J]. 文艺生活·文艺理论, 2016, 000(011):88.


Taking photos keeps the time and keeps the memory forever. Photography is popular today, but think about it and appreciate it, because in ancient times, or hundreds of years ago, this ability would have been considered a kind of magic. When you start paying attention to the details, you will inevitably find a lot of beauty in your daily life, you will begin to find fun in it, and photography will change your daily experience.

For Chiara, she loved photography rather than life. Using the lens to record a moment of beauty, the instant beauty in the form of data for a long time to save, some time in the future, open the album, look at familiar or unfamiliar photos, relive recent or distant memories, is a very happy thing.

Let her tell us what she thinks about taking pictures

The meaning of taking a picture will never disappear,
Even if the scenery has changed, people have changed, but the scenery at that time is permanent.
And the story behind the photo may deeply move others.
The charm of photography lies in its reality and its fleeting moment.

From drawing to sculpture: an artist who leaves an imprint

“A lot of the things that I’m very inspired about make their way into the artwork that I create.”

Lauren Marie Haywood is an inspiring, diverse black female artist based in London, UK. A young woman over the years learned to express herself through various mediums of art, including drawing, digital drawing, painting and sculpting.

To see more of the artist’s content, follow Lauren Marie Haywood on:
Instagram; Twitter; dribbble

The featured image belongs to Lauren Marie Haywood.

All about the Grammy: how the elite music awards began

Every year the Grammy Awards shake the media and provoke the people’s curiosity regarding which famous singer will win and how many musicians will rock the melody world.

Grammy (Gramophone Awards) or The Grammy Awards are the American music awards ceremony that takes place every year.

Initially, the creators of the celebration wanted to name it the Eddie Awards, in honour of Thomas Edison, as he invented the phonograph, but the final choice was Gramophone Awards after the gramophone, made by Emile Berliner.

According to Britannica, the first event dates to 1959, and then 28 rewards were given to significant figures like Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and the Kingston Trio.

The winners are gifted a tiny gilded gramophone as a prize. John Billings holds the company Billings Artworks that are responsible for making the Gramophone Awards prize. The process of production did not change a lot since the start, as trophies remain to be handmade.

Interview with John Billings. Source: TheMusicVoyager

Who is worthy of an accolade decides the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS), known as the Recording Academy or Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (LARAS), often identified as the Latin Recording Academy.

The members of both Recording Academies remain a mystery. However, in 2020 The Rolling Stone claimed that there are 12,000 voters, who pick approximately 20 competitors for every category by a popular vote, but committees are only allowed to express their voice in their areas of knowledge.

Later five nominees are chosen for every award and a winner in the end. Victorious artists are selected from more than 25 music domains that include genres like pop, rock, rap, R&B, country, reggae, classical, gospel, and jazz also production and postproduction results containing packaging and album notes. Four general rewards are handed for a record, album, song of the year, and best new artist. More than 75 awards are given altogether during the ceremony, a highlight of the voting.

Artists who try to compete for an award have to release a song or music video in the US from 1 October last year, till the midnight of 30 September, because this period counts as the Grammy year. To fit for a Latin Grammy, a song could be released anywhere globally, but it must be recorded in the Spanish or Portuguese language between 1 July of the previous year and 30 June of the award year.

Submissions are sent by the record companies and the academy members and are inspected to decide eligibility and category placement. Successful contestants show up in The Grammy Awards TV ceremony, where the winners are announced.

Over the years, The Grammy Awards received criticism surrounding transparency and even racism. However, the event is still well-recognised by the media and music industry, and the ceremony catches the attention of the professionalism of presenters and iconic looks.

Featured Image belongs to Sudhith Xavier on Unsplash

Julian Assange’s case as pandemic unfolds

Assange has been at the Belmarsh prison since May 2019. His lawyers and family say his mental and physical health are deteriorating dramatically. A group of 60 doctors have stated in a letter to UK authorities that Julian Assange could potentially die in prison. They “have serious concerns about Mr Assange’s fitness to stand trial in February 2020.”

Video Credit: Belmarsh prison footage by Carolina Lupanciuc
and footage by Ruptly at at the Westminster Magistrates court

For more than 10 years protesters demand for Julian Assange to be freed. We can see them back in January 2020 in front of the Belmarsh Prison chanting. A group of protestors called the Gilets jaunes came all the way from Paris to support the movement.

As the global pandemic unfolds, journalists and Assange supporters alike are continuing their efforts to spread the message of Assange’s condition. The British government states that mass gatherings should not take place.

There aren’t strict regulations that prohibit citizens from protesting, however the UK government has issued an advice note for people participating in protests that you could read here :

“The current advice in the UK is that due to the coronavirus, mass gathering events should not take place.”

The right to protest is imbedded in many international treaties as a human right. Many consider that Jualian Assange’s case is also tied to our freedom of expression. Our foundational freedoms are currently being defied by a public health threat on a global scale. The question remaining is, how this threat will shape the future of democratic governance?

Featured Image credit: Spanish protesters wear masks of the ‘Anonymous’ group and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Photograph: Jon Nazca/REUTERS

Coronavirus: Free video games for NHS workers

Thousands of NHS staff are being given free access to video games as a way of saying thank you for their hard work during the pandemic.

Some of the biggest game companies like Konami, EA, Sega and Xbox are involved in the Games for Carers initiative.

The studios say the games can be used by NHS workers when they want to relax and get some down time or wish to provide relief for their families.

The Games for Carers initiative is supported by UK industry body Ukie, marketing firm Keymeiler and dozens of other video game publishers and developers.

The UK games industry has helped to share the government’s Stay Home, Save Lives messages in some of the most popular games like Fortnite and FIFA during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Digital and Culture Minister Caroline Dinenage said:

“We have worked closely with games companies to help keep people safe and I am delighted the sector is continuing to support the NHS in such an innovative way.”

If NHS workers wish to get access to their free games, all they have to do is visit the Games for Carer website and enter their NHS email address – even though the site went down for a few hours because of the high level of interest.

The Games for Carers initiative was the idea of Scottish video game journalist Chris Scullion, who was inspired after being sent a free gaming code himself and then contacted Ukie in order to involve major game companies on a mass scale.

She also said she hopes this initiative goes some way to help NHS workers understand how respected and valued they are.

(Image source: courtesy of Canva)

The show must go on!

With all the live events and music shows being shut down left and right, artists everywhere have had to make the tough decision to postpone their concerts until further notice.

Our favourite artists are trying to come up with creative ways to keep music alive and keep us entertained in these gloomy times. While in the previous years music lovers would start planning for the festival season by now, there are very little signs or hope for a normal summer season at all. If you’re tired spending your days on the couch, turn the music on, open the windows and dance all your worries (and calories) away for a minute or thirty.

Tame Impala released a new playlist playlist on Youtube called “The Slow Rush in an imaginary place”. In the background the listener can hear people cheering and having fun. If you miss live music dreamy atmosphere, grab a pair of headphones and immerse yourself into this Tame Impala psychedelic goodness. Travel into the past, or maybe the future. You decide.

Coldplay’s front-singer and a many other artists delighted their audience on Instagram with live at-home concerts. Chris Martin spent thirty minutes playing his best tracks on piano encouraging other artists to do the same. His live has been viewn over 4.7 million times and inspired people to share their own version of their #ToghetherAtHome over 58.000 times.

Sam Smith has also shared three performances singing by himself live, all the way from his living-room. Due to the recent events Smith decided to postpone the release to his third studio album and change its title.

The english indie rock band Nothing but Thieves have been meaning to realease new material for a quite a while. Their new song “Is everyone going crazy?” seems to have been written exactly for our times and relates to out current struggles. It’s a great catharsis song, recommend 10/10 for headbanging and aimelessly jumping around the living room.

“Is anyone else feeling lonely?”

Social media use has increased drastically and we’ve seen many musicians’ new ways to have fun and engaging with their fans. #Quarantinekaraoke, live-at-home-concerts, virtual festivals and gaming twitch streams… We can’t help but wonder, what’s next?

As we wait for the new wave of digital music interaction incited by the quarantined musicians worldwide, people have turned to music to feel less lonely in their homes.

What might seem like a catastrophy for the night economy could become a transformation of the music industry itself. New platforms for music broadcasting are emerging.

#DigitalFort is a two day event showcasing over 100 artists. This is meant to be an online festival to help raise money for those hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

One can have fun and be of service at the same time. Hopefully you have a good internet connection and you’re even luckier if you have some nice neighbours… the party can finally begin!

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