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Guangzhou: the disappearing old city

The game between commerce, history and culture

#1,A place in Liwan District, Guangzhou. On the right is the new building, and on the left is the old building in Guangzhou.

Nowadays, photos, videos and recordings allow people to keep their memories, but they do nothing but help them to make memories.
The world is developing so fast that more and more tall buildings are being built and replaced by the old buildings that people used to live in, which are not only a symbol of the end of the era, but also a reminder of that time. Today, more and more old houses are disappearing all over the world….

Recently, with the consent of the municipal government, Guangzhou Development and Reform Commission and the people’s Government of Liwan district jointly issued the development plan of baiyetan district (2020-2035).

#2,Outline of urban renewal special plan of Baiyun District, Guangzhou City.
Photo source (authorized) 广州市白云区城市更新专项规划大纲 (2020-2035年) (

The planning scheme of the project covers an area of 381.2 hectares, the regulatory detailed planning adjustment part covers an area of 213 hectares, and the updated implementation scheme covers an area of 84.8 hectares. Its main purpose is to demolish the old houses and build new high-rise buildings, office buildings, schools, squares and other public facilities.

#3These photos show pictures of a village in the city of Guangzhou (authorized) by Hunk

Why does the government want to change the city?

On January 27, 2021, the Guangzhou Municipal People’s government first proposed the requirements of introducing industry, education and medical treatment into urban village reconstruction enterprises. Its main aim is to improve people’s living conditions.

According to the previous renovation plan, it can bring a lot of benefits to the residents:

(1) Change of environment: planning and construction of urban villages with high starting point and high standard to realize the compatibility of residence and commercial office
(2) Changes in housing conditions: the old house is replaced by a new house with sufficient lighting, good ventilation, reasonable structure, complete water, electricity, gas, heating, cable TV and other living facilities.
(3) The change of real estate value: the residential houses are transformed into commercial houses with complete certificates. These properties can be self occupied, leased or sold to increase economic income.

Where is Guangzhou ?

Guangzhou is located in the north of the Pearl River Delta, adjacent to the South China Sea. It is one of the first batch of famous historical and cultural cities in China and the birthplace of Guangfu culture. It is rated as the world’s first tier city by GaWC, a global authority.


Despite the rapid development of society, new things emerge one after another. The history of Guangzhou, which has been cherished by the older generation for a long time, is fading away. The emotion endowed by time is so complex and extensive. Nostalgia always affects the souls of millions of people inexplicably. However, in the era of mechanization, especially in today’s digital era, with the continuous improvement of the quality of life, they can not escape the fate of extinction.

Different voices appear: “I don’t want them to disappear, they have the meaning of their existence… Records of people’s memory, youth”

巫小寒(Xiaohan Wu) is a photographer and grew up near the Redtory art design factory.

It used to be a cannery in Guangzhou. It had come to an end ten years ago, but later it transformed into a creative park through artistic transformation. The booming machines in the past have become an ornamental. The rusty walls of the old factory buildings have attracted many people to take photos.

#4. These are photos taken by Wu Xiaohan in redory art design factory (authorized)

However, it did not escape the fate of being torn down
Our city is getting bigger and bigger, but there is no real land left for artists.

#4,But in the end, it was demolished
Video source(Authorized):再见了,红砖厂!这一次真的要拆了…_广州 (

At the same time,Some buildings have disappeared in London

#5,Image by Secret London, under creative commons licence.

The much loved nightclub on Charing Cross Road closed forever in 2009. It was demolished soon after, the most high profile casualty of the Crossrail construction works.

Many local people in London miss the demolition of London Astoria

Architecture is the most unique part of each country’s culture, and it is the symbol and symbol of national culture. But with the development of the times, although people’s buildings are more and more close to the direction of modernisation, in the process of development, they gradually lose their own unique architectural culture, and those large residential buildings that use stone to varying degrees are gradually disappearing. These historic buildings, stone blocks and beams, seem to tell moving stories of the nation and family.

The game between commerce and history and culture continues to grow, which one do you think is most important?

People’s life after mass vaccination in Chinese Universities & A Case Study of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Recently, relevant China University staff have begun to inoculate New Coronavirus vaccine.

The University’s vaccination scene

This is definitely another step in the battle against COVID ‘-19.

In order to do a good job of normalized epidemic prevention and control, build a strong immune barrier, and ensure the life and health safety of teachers and students, the overall deployment of the epidemic prevention and control leading group of Guangdong University of foreign studies began to carry out the vaccination work for teachers and students in batches.

This was shot by myself

Teachers and students who are going to be vaccinated come to the gymnasium early to wait in line, in good order. Vaccination site is divided into information registration area, vaccination area, observation area and emergency response area. And after they have completed the vaccination, they need to sit in the observation area of the venue, and they can leave without any discomfort after staying for half an hour.

This was shot by myself

People’s daily life has returned to normal. Under the strict inspection of the University, people don’t need to wear masks to live on campus.

The old people and children living in the University have begun to walk and play.
The hotel is also open.

This was shot by myself

At the same time, things are getting better in the UK. According to Matt Hancock, the UK health secretary, the UK has reached another milestone in the covid-19 vaccination, with more than half of the population vaccinated at least once.

Author hopes that people all over the world can defeat covid-19, and that global leaders will unite to ensure that everyone around the world has access to the new vaccine, testing and treatment of covid-19

Want to read more global COVID-19 news? Check out our interactive map.

An educator —brought “foreign” musicals to China


As a British Chinese actor / Director / lyricist, he immigrated to the UK in 1999. He has successively completed his master’s degree in creative media industry and master’s degree in musical performance from the University of Warwick and the Montessori Academy of stage and performing arts. After graduation, he has been active in the UK’s stage and film performance circles. Founder of TNS future stage drama.

1,Why did you give up high paying jobs in the UK and choose drama instead?

Jeremy said:I chose to major in foreign trade because at that time, everyone thought this major had a good job and a bright future. But this is not what I like, but when I was working in the UK, an accident started. A drama troupe came to the UK to perform. When I saw the big friends and children releasing their dancing positions on the stage, I thought that was what I wanted, so I resigned that day and went to study in Montessori Academy of Arts Stage, I was the oldest when I entered school, even the teacher was younger than me, and I was still an Asian at that time. After graduation, I became an actor. I think that’s what I want.

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

After graduating, Jeremy Xie settled down in the performing arts circle for a while, and then resolutely chose to establish TNS (the next stage UK). From 2011, she took Chinese children abroad, looked at the world, felt the leading global drama education, so as to open up self-confidence and express themselves freely and happily.

2,Why do you choose to be an educator from an actor and still bring “foreign” musicals to the Chinese people?

When I was an actor, I found that there were very few Asian actors, and the types were limited. So I thought of education. At the beginning, I was teaching drama in Britain, and I only let Chinese teenagers or children participate in summer camps to experience drama culture in Britain. Later, those Chinese children were very fond of it. They hoped that I could come to China to teach. There was hardly any foreign drama (singing and dancing) taught in China like us. So I went back to China to teach. I just didn’t expect that Chinese parents and children were so enthusiastic. Ten years later, I still remember a girl from the first summer camp. Now she has a family.

3,What do you think is the difference between Chinese and “foreigners” learning musical? I mean, what’s the difference in the way they learn?

Jeremy Xie said:”Foreigners” tend to be more “open” in class. They will interact with you and be more confident. Although Chinese people tend to be shy and dare not sing boldly at the beginning of their study, they usually practice singing and dancing for a week after they go home, but they really love drama class and stage, so that their efficiency will be higher than that of foreign students.

What drama brings to people is the enjoyment of art. It has never been “unattainable”, but a literary and artistic process of experiencing characters and stories. In the face of the public stage, no longer shy and timid, confident and bold to show themselves is a breakthrough.

4,Because of the coronavirus, you and your team can only teach Chinese children online. What do you think is the impact of the current situation on you

Jeremy said:Yes, covid-19 has a great impact on us, because musicals are often used as a form of stage performance combining singing, dancing, performance and dialogue, with the most emphasis on face-to-face communication. Although only across the computer screen, but still can not stop the enthusiasm of students, they will also be very active in online classes. In addition, I hope people can overcome the epidemic.

Click here to see the rehearsal of Chinese children:【TNS】”星”梦奇缘精英A班_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili

Art comes from life, but is higher than life.

The charm of art is that it takes us far away, but makes us feel at home.—Excellent sheep
Alex and his symphony orchestra are on a show

Canon in D (Pachelbel’s Canon) , a cello song. Melodious, low, like an old man’s leisurely chat, narrates the ordinary story of her life.
It circulates. My mind drifted back to the old houses and streets of the village more than 20 years ago. The foundation is made of green brick, which is higher than half of the ground. The soil is mixed with straw. The old street is a dirt road, which is well built. Every morning, clean up and sprinkle some water. In the evening, move a small table, small stool, a family around, while enjoying the cool, while eating. After dinner, lie on a bamboo recliner. The children are running and playing. Adults take off the tiredness of the day and chat…

Alex is a Chinese cello student. He has been practicing Cello for 12 years, among which he has participated in many symphony orchestras and played many pieces. In the following video, we will interview him with the cello story.
With the continuous development of Chinese art, Chinese education began to focus on the art examination (special art college entrance examination), and he also successfully gained an advantage in the art examination. However, in the face of today’s parents forcing their children to learn art in order to take the examination, he thinks that this is not desirable. Art comes from life and is higher than life. “We should enjoy art, not let it go Art has become a tool for us to make profits (mainly) “. The most important thing in learning everything is not only interest but also persistence.

Interview with Alex

Reference[1]任海琨. 大提琴的艺术魅力[J]. 文艺生活·文艺理论, 2016, 000(011):88.


Taking photos keeps the time and keeps the memory forever. Photography is popular today, but think about it and appreciate it, because in ancient times, or hundreds of years ago, this ability would have been considered a kind of magic. When you start paying attention to the details, you will inevitably find a lot of beauty in your daily life, you will begin to find fun in it, and photography will change your daily experience.

For Chiara, she loved photography rather than life. Using the lens to record a moment of beauty, the instant beauty in the form of data for a long time to save, some time in the future, open the album, look at familiar or unfamiliar photos, relive recent or distant memories, is a very happy thing.

Let her tell us what she thinks about taking pictures

The meaning of taking a picture will never disappear,
Even if the scenery has changed, people have changed, but the scenery at that time is permanent.
And the story behind the photo may deeply move others.
The charm of photography lies in its reality and its fleeting moment.

Art reporter: a journalist in art circle

Yaojie Chen

Chen Yaojie

Senior art media person

“Art reporters should first understand the history of art, and then be familiar with the circle.”

Chen Yaojie has been an art media professional for six years.

Studying in Sichuan Academy of fine arts, he majored in art history. With relevant professional background and teacher’s recommendation, Chen Yaojie came to Beijing to work for an art website.

At that time, the art media industry – even not limited to the art industry, in the whole press – was in the “best era”.

For a long time, the most important forms of media, namely magazines, newspapers and other print media, gradually declined under the impact of the Internet. At that time, wechat had not yet been born, and ipone had just reached 4. Compared with the mobile terminal, most people were still used to watching news on the PC.

Nowadays, people’s reading methods are rewritten by mobile phone, and more and more art and media based on app and official account are emerging in the industry.

The heyday of the “Royal three” online media has passed, but its influence is still on. Whenever there is a new exhibition that needs to be publicized, these websites are still the objects that organizations most want to cooperate with.

Six years ago, Chen Yaojie was an editor.

Chen Yaojie’s work. (picture provided by interviewee)

Journalists and editors need to contribute as well. However, unlike the original reporter’s manuscripts, editors mostly compile and integrate the existing materials on the Internet, or simply “move the news from other places to their own websites”. Chen Yaojie jokingly called himself an “Internet migrant worker”: “every day to the company, is to upload news, and then each channel update down.”

Although the work is basic, it is already in the industry. After a period of editing work, Chen Yaojie became familiar with this circle.

“To be an art media, there are two aspects of accumulation: first, we need to understand some basic concepts of art history, such as Impressionism and abstract performance. You need to know what they are. The second is to be familiar with the art circle. At least Zhang Xiaogang and Fang Lijun put forward that you should know who they are. “

Gradually, Chen Yaojie was sent to run some activities and write some simple reports on the exhibition site. After his writing ability was recognized, Chen Yaojie began to interview artists, critics, curators, institutions and auction houses.

At first, he was responsible for listing problems and arranging recordings. With more and more contacts and deeper qualifications and abilities, Chen Yaojie has been able to write the most difficult topics: industry observation and topical articles.

Among the topics of art media, a few topics are the hot topics in the industry that have entered the public vision, such as the “geyulu” event some time ago; or the hot exhibitions that have attracted attention from important institutions, such as the team lab exhibition in Beijing in Perth; or the influential art events at home and abroad, such as Venice Biennale, Cassel literature exhibition, major expositions, etc.; and other industries The major events and new tendencies of the press depend on the art fields that each reporter focuses on.