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An interview with Michelle Joy Phelps

Michelle Phelps has travelled the world interviewing the sport’s most powerful people. Fighting adversity wherever she goes, she battles harder than the boxers she interviews on her road towards success. “Free time, what’s that?” she jokes. At 29-years of age, she remains busy with work for most of the year and has little time off for herself. But perhaps it reminds her, that chasing a dream, is hardly work at all.

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How does the younger generation view English women’s football?

How do young journalists view English women’s football? Four members of WNOL Sport discuss the state of England’s women’s national team as they made history by playing at Wembley Stadium for the first time against Germany on the 23rd November. Also up-for-discussion is whether it is time for Arsène Wenger to step aside as Arsenal manager.

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Cleverly v Bellew II – The Classic Storyline

As the British media descends upon Liverpool to cover the biggest fight in the cruiserweight division, they encounter a classic storyline: an original, but with familiar characters. Two men which, from the outside, have nothing in common. A bold, fiery Liverpudlian filled with hatred and evil intentions plays the villain; and a self-assured Welshman with a quiet confidence represents the hero.

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