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Wutong, Nanjing, China is flooded with Flos, which affects residents’ lives.

French Wutong (Wutong, for short) is a sunshade and scenic line in Nanjing. It records the vicissitudes of the century and carries a thick rural feeling. However, 4-5 months every year, the Wutong flying trees are very annoying for the sensitive crowd. According to Wutong wutao forecast of 2021 Jiangsu Indus, which is jointly issued by the Nanjing meteorological service center, Nanjing City Greening Bureau and China Weather Network, the main city area of Nanjing will be floating with Wutong in the next three days.

Zhongshan North Road, Zhongshan East Road and central road are the “worst hit areas” of “floating wadding troubles”. They have the characteristics of long road section, large age of trees, large number of fruit balls and serious floating wadding. They are also the main traffic arteries in Nanjing. The traffic volume of people and vehicles is very large. Therefore, they have a great impact on public travel. We should remind everyone to do a good job of protection.

Wutong, widely cultivated in Nanjing as a street tree. There are two sources of Wutong wadding, namely the March and April bud buds and the fruit hairs of mid May. When Wutong fruit ball burst, the dark yellow and globular fruit hair fluttering with the wind was like a “Wutong rain”. When the maximum temperature is above 20 ℃, it begins to float, and when the temperature is above 25 ℃, it is serious. In addition, when the wind speed is 3-4m / s, the air humidity is small enough and the light is sufficient, the flocculent is the most abundant.

According to experts, Wutong “fruit wool” is an allergen, easy to induce skin allergy, allergic rhinitis, asthma and other diseases. People with dry skin and allergic skin and the elderly are most likely to develop allergic dermatitis due to Wutong wadding. People with allergy history can take some anti allergy drugs, and try to reduce the number of Wutong floating roads when they go out. The best way to prevent diseases caused by Wutong is protection. Go out to wear masks and hats, go home to wash face frequently, if you feel skin burning, erythema, asthma patients, especially children with recurrent cough and other symptoms, to seek medical treatment in time.

Random street interview about Chinese football

After preliminary research and thinking. According to the set theme. I used the playground of a university in China as the main interview place to make more college football fans our interviewees. At the same time, in order to make the data more comprehensive and reflect the randomness, I also conducted random interviews with some interviewees on general commercial streets.

In my video, the interview takes the form of random interviews on the street. After the random interviewees agreed, they were asked four questions about the Chinese national team:

Q: have you paid attention to the matches of Chinese football team recently?

Q:What’s your impression of the national football team?

Q:What do you think of China’s introduction of naturalized players?
(Do you think they will help the national football team improve?)

Q:If the Chinese national team enters the world cup,will you watch it live?

After collecting the answer results in the later stage, we can integrate them and produce the following interview video.

COVID-19: China starts to vaccinated COVID-19 vaccine

Inoculate the new crown vaccine, prevent in advance. At present, China is vigorously carrying out vaccination for high-risk groups. In the future, vaccination for the elderly will be promoted, and finally for ordinary people. The effective implementation of this task is equivalent to eliminating the possibility of COVID-19’s outbreak again.
On the research of new crown vaccine, China has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of new crown vaccine in China. At the beginning of 2021, China started the first batch of new crown vaccine in big cities such as Beijing, and the vaccinators did not feel any discomfort. Therefore, China’s new crown vaccine is very reliable.
In the new crown vaccination, most people said no pain. “In the process of vaccination, the medical staff’s movements were light and soft, and there was no pain. They were very considerate of the students.” An international student who is taking online courses in China said. He said frankly that he was the first one to apply for the vaccination, and he hoped that he could return to foreign schools as soon as possible.

Note: 1. Don’t take a bath on the day of vaccination; 2. Don’t drink alcohol for seven days; 3. Stay for observation for 30 minutes; 4. Take the second injection within 14-28 days; 5. Eat light and avoid strenuous exercise

The new crown vaccine has been gradually popularized, not only in the first tier cities such as Beijing, but also in some third and fourth tier small cities. In the vaccination work, China always adheres to the people-centered principle, always follows the scientific law, and strives to vaccinate every citizen with safe and effective vaccines. China’s implementation of the new crown free vaccination measures, is to ensure that everyone vaccinated, an important basic guarantee to promote vaccination in an all-round way.
“It’s OK. I don’t feel the pain in my imagination. I feel very safe now. I don’t have to be afraid of getting infected with the new crown.” this is what a vaccinator who just received the vaccination said. It’s really good to be vaccinated, but we can’t take it lightly. We still need to take various measures to prevent it. New crown vaccination has started, but it is still a long way from the complete elimination of the virus and epidemic situation. But we firmly believe that universal vaccination with the new crown vaccine will prevent the disease in the first place!


Shooting of graduation works of Chinese film and television graduates

On March 16, 2021, I was shooting with the Chinese college student drama group. I will use my third party’s perspective to record and narrate the whole crew. Next, I will introduce and narrate the day when Chinese college students filmed their graduation work “calm waves” through audio. (due to the crew’s request, audio will not display photos that may cause plot leaked)