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Coronavirus vs Football transfer market

The summer transfer window usually opens on July 1st, and the deadline recently got returned from August 8th to August 31st. This was implemented a long time before the lockdown was enforced by nations across Europe and before football seasons across the globe were put on hold alongside other sports.

With most leagues expected to return to action between late May and mid-June, many have questioned what the summer transfer window would look like.

This time last year, football clubs were already working on deals that would come to fruition once the transfer window opened, although this year this has been different due to Coronavirus.


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The main example of this is the Dortmund- Jadon Sancho- Manchester United saga. The Manchester United hierarchy have made their interest in the 20-year-old England international very clear and seem to be in pole position as they have already begun fruitful negotiations with the player and his agent.

The obstacle here however according to sources from Germany, was that due to the Coronavirus situation there was a gap in communication between the clubs, therefore, they will have to wait till when the lockdown in both countries is lifted.

That was until midnight on May 7th when reports from Germany stated United are willing to wait till summer 2021 for the deal to be sealed due to the financial impact of Coronavirus.


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Dortmund have made it clear however that they are not willing to go below their €100 million asking price which equates to £87.4 million which has left United fans who have seen the Glazers unwilling to pay such high prices in recent times leading to deals stalling over a long period such as the £47.5 million Bruno Fernandes signing in the January window which took the whole of January, sceptical of the possibility of this deal happening especially now that clubs have lost a lot of money during this period of suspension football has gone through.

Here’s a tweet from a United fan reiterating the recent reports that came out.

This is just one example of how Coronavirus is affecting transfers. Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has been told by the Arsenal hierarchy to focus on loan and swap deals when the window opens on the basis of the fact the club wouldn’t be able to finance a spending spree type summer transfer window.

There were mixed feelings from football fans on this news. Arsenal brought in Nicholas Pepe on finance last summer and are still paying off his transfer fee in instalments.

Paul Pogba, who has highly anticipated a move away from Manchester United can see himself stuck at old Trafford if the Coronavirus snowball effect affects the pockets of the big boys in Europe who could afford his £120 million-plus asking price.

Fans believe this deal going through has a major part to play in providing funds to finance the Jadon Sancho deal.

This shows how Coronavirus has affected pockets and efficiency of transfers in this period. According to Fifa, the transfer window could open for longer up till January to financially help clubs get back on their feet but they have not been clear about when it would be open for all, though many sources cite an opening by mid-June for teams to bolster their squads in preparation for the last lap of their season.

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What happens next to European football across top five leagues?

Football authorities across the world are struggling with how to resolve the season after virtually all play was suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here we examine what European countries are doing to bring the 2019-20 season to a close.


France has led Europe as the first out of the top 5 leagues to void the 2019/2020 Football season.

French President Emmanuel Macron went on to encourage other European countries to follow suit.

This move means that BEIN sports, which covers a wide percentage of football in France would get a huge payday out of this as their TV contract could not be completed and also, sponsors may also have to collect back the money paid to clubs they have deals with.

This has left many disappointed with the decision as countries like the United Kingdom are still considering how the season can be finished behind closed doors.

On a lighter note, a Twitter user had some humour to share with someone quite against the proceedings with football in France.

Fans from the UK seemed to handle this news well with many hoping Liverpool would enjoy the same privileges as PSG who went on to be crowned champions of Ligue 1, much to the distaste of rival fans such as fans of 5thplaced Manchester United.

United Kingdom

The Premier League has shown no signs of slowing down as they have passed updated fixture schedules to clubs so as to reinstate normal training in the near future.

They predict football could be back as soon as June 8 and training would begin on May 18 to work towards the aforementioned date.

This schedule could hinge on whether or not Prime Minister Boris Johnson extends the lockdown or not.


In Germany, the Bundesliga’s return has been delayed by the government. They had previously hoped to make a return on May 9, although this can no longer be achievable but will be reconsidered as soon as next week.


In Spain, the Spanish La Liga are taking baby steps towards a potential return to action.

The focus all around Europe at the moment is on how clubs can at least complete their domestic seasons so as to prevent losing out on several streams of revenue which have been cut short due to the current global pandemic and it’s resulting lockdown measures.

In essence, the Spanish La Liga are aiming to be back in action mid-June with 11 games still to go.

Players are due to start testing for Covid-19 between May 5 and May 7.


Italy was the first country in Europe to really feel the effect of this pandemic with a colossal amount of people from all age groups dying and they were also one of the first in Europe to stop football and go into a full and strict lockdown with their streets near empty at all periods.

Serie A is expected to return at the earliest on June 10 but the players will begin individual training as soon as May 4.

Training centres at football clubs will reopen on May 18 and the main reason they are ensuring their season goes on is because of a quote from Italian Football Federation (IFF) President Gabriele Gravina who told that a continued lockdown would be disastrous for the finances of football in the country.

Therefore, as it is clear that these top European footballing countries have no plans to void their seasons, football may be back by the start of June.

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New figures show coronavirus has made London safer?

New figures from Uk Crime Stats website has shown a substantial drop off in crimes committed as recently as February.


So have crime rates dropped since coronavirus?


Following the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic, the police have been tasked with enforcing lockdown laws and recently have been forbidden from responding to petty crimes which may leave some vulnerable.


Many may wonder how this pandemic will affect crime rates as before the pandemic, an average of 52 crimes were carried out per day in London with around 40 stabbings occurring on average.


In January 2020, a total of 91,153 crimes were committed. This was when coronavirus had just begun to emerge on this side of the world. By the end of February 2020, the crime rates had dropped to 87,024 which is the lowest drop off since Christmas which saw the crimes committed sitting at just 86,299.


With a drop off of crime by 10,129, this raises the question, why are less crimes being committed?


It makes sense for the lockdown to mean that the more people stay at home the less likely crimes are going to committed. The numbers are showing this but total crime figures do not always show how serious the crimes recorded are as they can range from petty theft to homicide.

For example; Shoplifting crime figures increased slightly from January to February alongside theft from the person which substantially increased by the hundreds. However, most organised crimes are usually drugs, murder and robberies and they have all seen a slight drop off. If the lockdown gets stricter and goes on for longer than the initial three weeks which was slated by Boris Johnson, we could see an increase in certain crimes such as shoplifting and even drug offences as dealers will be trying to keep their lines running. The National Crime Agency even warned about this.

Ex-police officer speaks on the crime vs corona correlation

Speaking to an ex-police officer who wished to remain anonymous, he stated “these are uncertain times and uncertainty breeds fear among people and when people are scared they may act out of the ordinary so while there may be a reduction in crime now, figures may drastically increase deeper into the lockdown which is why I believe it makes sense to introduce the army into the equation at some point”.

He was then asked, “since the army aren’t usually involved in civilian affairs, wont it increase the fear among the populace?”, to which he responded “they are two different types of fear. One is fear of uncertainty and between enforcing the lockdown and stopping and responding to crimes, the understaffed police force frankly won’t be able to handle it, on the other hand, the fear the army brings is one of respect and I’m sure once the army is out and about, people will fully respect this lockdown”.


“So, all in all, crimes have reduced for now and the stats for the crimes committed in March will be out soon. It may see an increase in shoplifting and domestic violence as people who could escape their homes to the safety of school or work are now being forced to stay in such environments, it will be interesting to see where it goes”.



Number of crimes committed in February 2020





Above is a pie chart showing the figures and as you can see the largest crime figures come from violence and antisocial behaviour, with theft and burglary not too far behind. Based on figures from March 2020 we will be able to tell if Coronavirus has really had an impact on the reduction in crimes in London across the board.

Coronavirus New World Order conspiracy: Everything you need to know about the illuminati

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When occurrences like the ongoing coronavirus actualises, conspiracy theorists go haywire and this happens to be one of the conspiracy theories that has caught a lot of attention on social media, especially twitter.

Since the creation of the Illuminati in 1776 by Weishaupt, the illuminati has been a force to be reckoned with. Only problem being they are meant to be a secret organisation. Especially after Duke Karl Theodor banned secret societies in Bavaria in 1785.

Since they went underground, they became even more suspicious. People with knowledge of this would be gripped by the fear of an underground freemason society which is widely believed to pull the strings of the western world underground.

The US raised eyebrows when they made the New World Order an extension of their Great Navy Seal as the latin term it was derived from had affiliations with the illuminati.

This has led conspiracy theorists to believe that the illuminati not only pulled the strings in the French Revolution, but also may have played a large part in the history of the United States of America.

So what does the New World Order have to do with the Coronavirus? 

Conspiracy theorists see eye to eye on the fact that the illuminati is pushing world governments to put in place the new world order with a cashless digital currency society where all of the masses can be traced digitally which we mostly already can be. They also believe that they want us all to be implanted with microchips which christians believe is synonymous with the mark of the beast.

Many believe this virus is a decoy to take our attention away from big policy and law changes that are going on underground but based on the level this pandemic has gotten to and the calibre of people it has affected (people in the higher echelons of society), this is also unlikely.


Screenshot 2020-04-01 at 17.25.51.png

In a tweet that may be laughable to some and scary to others, here is the conspiracy broken down and while it seems extremist, many believe this is what is going on.

We can only speculate on how the world will be after the coronavirus and if the world will ever go back to the way it was before.


Fan unrest grows amid fears of Prem cancellation

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The 2019/20 English Premier league is a season for many teams to forget and a season for a few to remember.


Liverpool were 2 games away from lifting the prestigious trophy for the first time in over 30 years.


Sheffield United had come from the Championship straight into the top 10 and Manchester United were catching up to fourth placed Chelsea.


So, what is actually going on?


Voices from different sectors of the sport are in agreeance that the season be cancelled on the basis that not many teams have much to miss out on.


Only Liverpool who were on course to win the league with a substantial point gap from the second placed Manchester City team.


Influential figures such as Gary Lineker, Piers Morgan and even the Vice-Chairman of West Ham, Karren Brady have called for the season to be declared null and void.


In reaction to that, some fans gave him backlash as technically, West Ham were on course for relegation, so fans of rival clubs believe this is due to this.


In an interview with Manchester United legend, Rio Ferdinand suggested the season be voided due to the fact that there was no clear path ahead in regard to how the season was going to be completed and that is if it is to be completed at all. He went on to acknowledge Liverpool fans may come at him for saying this and defended himself by stating “ if it was my team in that situation, I would think about people’s health and the wider society rather than my own game.”


What are Premier League chiefs saying?


Very recently, the Premier League chiefs made known their plans to resume the season behind closed doors in May due to TV deals.


‘A lot of clubs would go into a crisis if their sponsors asked for a refund due to the fact that they weren’t on the pitch to advertise their brands and there are many other layers to be considered when thinking about voiding the season in such a fashion’


The Premier League has to meet up to their side of the deal with broadcasters who pay £3billion-a-year to broadcast live matches and that deal expires at the end of July meaning the Premier League would have met their obligations if they continue matches in May.


Reports suggest if the Premier League does not finish it’s campaign by July 16, the two major broadcasters; Sky Sports and BT Sport would have to be paid up to £762million as a result.