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Caution your mental health during the special time

With the development of the society, people start to be noticed that the dangers of mental health problem. During the special time in this year, people had been suggesting to stay at home for safety. Even NHS ask people to take care of your mental wellbeing when you stay at home.

During the time people self-isolation, people may feel board, frustrated or lonely. This sympathy will have extremely high rate to appear on people who have previous mental health problem.

CDC (centers for disease control and prevention) shows that epidemic can cause mental stress.

Here are four tips I summaries for everyone to look after their mental health. Remember mental health is as important and physical health.

  1. Stay connected with other.

Talking to your friends, family, and people you trust is always a good way release your anxiety. Not matter by phone, messaging, facetime, or social media. Talk to them about what your worries, they might face the same situation right now.

2. Have regular sleep and look after your daily routine.

Life might be different during this specific time for everyone. It’s also necessary to have regular sleep cycle and look after you daily routine, you have plenty time right now to think about what your new timetable everyday and you can feel more freedom at home. How wonderful is it! Psychological experiments show, most of the depression patient have sleeping problem either do want to sleep or sleep too much. If you feel you cannot go to sleep, please noticed that not a good signal and you may need to speak to somebody about it. Good sleep quality can always make things better.

3. Do not stay glued to the news.

I know there are plenty new about COVIN-19 on either social or news. Some of them are positive but some of them are negative. Trying to limit your time on these news. Believe me no matter whether you look at it or not, it would not change anything. You should set up a specific time during the day to browse these and remember if you stay at home you are safe, so whether what is happening outside is what happening outside.

4. Have regular exercise every day.

I know you cannot go to the gym right now. But there are millions of different exercise you can do at home. For example, yoga. Remember do not stay on your phone all the time and calling your friends. You need some exercise as well.

Overall, wish everyone can enjoy their time stay at home and keep your mental wellbeing.


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My hometown ushered in the second outbreak of the epidemic

Here is jessie from China-Dalian. At the beginning of 2020, China as the very first country in the world have an outbreak on coronavirus. By the end of May majority of city in China had no increase confirmed cases. Many people feel that this war between human and virus seems to come to an end. However, unexpected things have come in my city.

On July 22, Dalian reported its first new coronavirus case in nearly three months. At the same day, city government swung into action and closing Dalianwan (where the outbreak is believed to have begun).

On July 23, city government reported that the confirmed cases had increased to 2. As the results come out at the same time city government shout down all the sate road nearby Dalian.

On July 24, confirmed cases had increased to 9. Chinese government started to suggest people do not enter Dalian in non-emergency situations. And city government lock down the district which belong to Dalianwan.

On July 25, city government all Dalian citizens need nucleic acid testing. In order to, check all asymptomatic infections. This is not an easy job because there are more than 6,500,000 citizens in Dalian and nearby area.

Picture original from jessie shooted on 24th july in Dalian

Places where confirmed cases are found are closed for environmental testing and disinfection. And people who are confiremed government had reported where did they go in the previous 3 days , this help other people noticed whether they may carry virus.This breakdown led to a whole testing on other similar seafood markets (where the tested shows that virus was began on the package of seafood)fish, supermarkets and restaurants.

Citizens who want to travel to other city had had a negative test in the previous 7 day and have green status on their health app. Here is report from China. Hope everyone keep safe.

Auido come from jessie recorded in Dalian on 24th July


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Covid-19 patient in China tells of her ordeal

Report from DaLian, China

Below is a telephone interview that took place with a confirmed positive case of a student being treated in Beijing, Ditan hospital at present.

Following the discussion with the interviewee, she hoped that we would call her Tian.

Tian is a girl who are studies at one of London’s most prestigious universities. She said that once her university changed to online sessions, she decided to go back to China. Her flight back home was on the 17th of March. From London to Moscow, and Moscow to Beijing.

Jessie: When did you know you were among the confirmed cases?

Tian: I arrived in Beijing on the 18th and before you land at Beijing airport you have to complete a “Health form” to explain whether you have any existing symptoms or took any medicine in the last 14 days. I had no idea at that time that I am a positive carrier because I did not have any symptoms at all. But I did take ibuprofen for my otitis media problem. So, I wrote down I ate ibuprofen in the last 14 days. After I got off the plane, there was an ambulance take me immediately to the Ditan hospital for testing. I spent the whole night at hospital because they did not allow us to go anywhere else before the result come out and on the 19th I have received the message that I was confirmed on COVID-19.

Health declaration form

Jessie: Tell me a little me more about the environment in the hospital and your state

Tian: To be honest, I was shocked when I got the message. Because I did not feel unwell. The good thing is that the doctor told me that my symptoms are not serious. So hopefully, I can get out quickly. DiTan hospital is super busy currently, so at the very beginning I had to share a room with 3 other patients. Doctors do not allow us to leave the ward at any time of the day because this is an infectious disease. And because I went directly to the hospital all my luggage are still in the airport – I only have my phone and my passport with me.

After I spent 20 days with my three roommates, I got a chance to move to the single room because they told me I nearly recovered. During that time, my states did get worst at the end of March, I started to have a continuous cough to the point where I couldn’t even sleep at night.

Tian during her treatment

I got really depressed sometimes and that made it even more emotional with this on-going situation but gladly one of the doctors – whose name I don’t know because they all wearing the same protective suit to cover their whole body (which make me confused sometimes about who is who) – always came and spoke with me on my health. This helped me a lot with my negative thoughts.