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How restaurants and cafes in England are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic made restaurants to stop their activities for a long time globally. Here you will find out how the catering services had been impacted in England.

According to the official government’s website, since the 12 of April, restaurants, pubs and bars can operate outside.

Laura, 24, who works at the 108 Brasserie restaurant of the Marylebone hotel in London as a waitress, said that crowds of people are constantly visiting the restaurant.

According to Laura, at the moment clients can only book tables to eat outside of the restaurant.

A waitress Laura pointed out that the 108 Brasserie had to change their drink options, as suppliers do not have their beverages, for example, beer or wine.

Another 108 Brasserie restaurant’s issue is that some products, such as food and drinks like wines have expired and had to be thrown away.

“A lot of food and drinks wastage as the date of packed products has expired.”

Food navigator revealed at the end of 2019, before the pandemic, restaurants wasted 9% of all food they bought, which cost individual businesses £111 every week, according to data collected by the Sustainable Restaurant Association and Just Eat.

“This cost the entire sector a ‘staggering’ £16.7 million during lockdown, the report said.”

Laura has also shared some of her personal struggles at the workplace.

“Some days we have a work of two or three people, since we don’t have big team anymore,” she tells me. “But the demand of being professional is still here, we can’t show to guests that we can’t keep up with it.”

The restaurant Magnolia Cafe, located in Scunthorpe, did not agree to reveal how their business has been affected by the pandemic.

Magnolia Cafe restaurant. Personal picture

Two women, Lauren and Heidi shared their opinions about the pandemic.

“It’s a nightmare, I don’t know how we are gonna recover,” says Lauren. “It’s just… messing with people’s lives,” says Heidi.

However, women feel happy that the restaurants are working again as they used to before the lockdowns.

“I’m excited, as pubs function again,” says Lauren. “I think it’s good, as businesses need get back to normal,” tells Heidi.

Larger scale food chains also have experienced a tough time. One of them is Pizza Hut, which in 2020 closed 1,745 restaurants worldwide, according to QSR magazine.

Pizza Hut ended 2020 with 17,639 stores, representing a unit decline of 6 percent—it’s the lowest global number since Q3 2018.

A person who works at the King Kebab in Scunthorpe, also did not reveal anything, and said “come later, now I’m busy.”

King Kebab Scunthorpe. Personal picture

Garry, who is a manager of Scunthorpe’s Costa Cafe, said that his job personally has not been impacted by the pandemic, but his employees experienced changes.

“My team, employees, went on furlough.”

Costa Cafe Scunthorpe. Personal picture

According to the Guardian, Office for National Statistics discovered that 8 in 10 employees in the UK who worked in accommodation and food services, were put on furlough.

Even though the pandemic had been a challenging time for restaurants, catering industry is slowly going back to normal. Both employees and clients cannot wait to have fantastic experiences.

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Beatfreeks prove that Gen Z is not reckless and cares about the future

“They want wider society to reflect the positive democratic potential the Internet has unlocked,” says the founder of Beatfreeks agency Anisa Morridadi about Generation Z in a report published in March 2021.

In the report Institutions of the Future, Beatfreeks is defined as “an engagement and insight agency with a growing community of young creatives.” To determine the core values of Gen Z, also recognised as Zoomers, this agency conducted research on 1,803 participants aged between sixteen to twenty-five and based within the UK.

People born in 1995 or 1996 to 2010 or 2011 belong to Gen Z’s squad. The most significant difference between the young and older generations is that Generation Z usually spends more time on social media. According to Beatfreeks, currently, 99 per cent of the people in the UK, aged between sixteen to twenty-four, are involved in social media.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Obviously, most often, the young generation spends online-time by catching up to the latest trends and having conversations with peers.However, some Zoomers are building their online careers, which often leads to more valuable benefits, such as highly advanced tech skills and a deeper understanding of the power of advertising and public relations.

Younger people view social media as a portal of opportunities that helps bring up social issues and spread ideas also personal creations globally. Besides, 98 per cent of participants actually are concerned about the worldwide problems.

Those who tend to mock the shopping decisions of Gen Z should change their minds. Beatfreeks found out that 50 per cent of respondents see quality as a priority in purchasing. 87 per cent of the young people care about the brand’s ethics, including concern of cruelty-free products or if the company has gender bias when buying their supplies.

Moreover, 95 per cent of respondents said that organisations should engage in social problems.

According to a report, the top ten preferable brands of the young people are Nike, ASOS, Apple, Lush, Adidas, Vans, Lucy&Yak, Dr Martens, Primark and H&M.

When it comes to career aspirations, 44 per cent of Zoomers want to “do something they love,” 14 per cent want to keep a balance between work and life. Only 20 per cent revealed that they are driven by money.

The report Institutions of the Future conducted by the Beatfreeks proves that Gen Z makes thoughtful decisions lead by a genuine concern about the world’s future. For young people, social media is a tool to share thoughts and ideas, establish a career, and inspire others to make positive changes globally.  

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The coronavirus pandemic’s impact on youth’s mental health in the UK

Since the beginning of a global pandemic, our regular lifestyles, despite age, gender or social class had been transformed physically, emotionally and mentally.

The media has explored how the pandemic affected us as a society but did not dive deep into how young people in the UK were impacted mentally, which is covered in this video through statistics and personal experiences of a young artist Miranda Melbourne and Samaritan Charlotte Cook.

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From drawing to sculpture: an artist who leaves an imprint

“A lot of the things that I’m very inspired about make their way into the artwork that I create.”

Lauren Marie Haywood is an inspiring, diverse black female artist based in London, UK. A young woman over the years learned to express herself through various mediums of art, including drawing, digital drawing, painting and sculpting.

To see more of the artist’s content, follow Lauren Marie Haywood on:
Instagram; Twitter; dribbble

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All about the Grammy: how the elite music awards began

Every year the Grammy Awards shake the media and provoke the people’s curiosity regarding which famous singer will win and how many musicians will rock the melody world.

Grammy (Gramophone Awards) or The Grammy Awards are the American music awards ceremony that takes place every year.

Initially, the creators of the celebration wanted to name it the Eddie Awards, in honour of Thomas Edison, as he invented the phonograph, but the final choice was Gramophone Awards after the gramophone, made by Emile Berliner.

According to Britannica, the first event dates to 1959, and then 28 rewards were given to significant figures like Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and the Kingston Trio.

The winners are gifted a tiny gilded gramophone as a prize. John Billings holds the company Billings Artworks that are responsible for making the Gramophone Awards prize. The process of production did not change a lot since the start, as trophies remain to be handmade.

Interview with John Billings. Source: TheMusicVoyager

Who is worthy of an accolade decides the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS), known as the Recording Academy or Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (LARAS), often identified as the Latin Recording Academy.

The members of both Recording Academies remain a mystery. However, in 2020 The Rolling Stone claimed that there are 12,000 voters, who pick approximately 20 competitors for every category by a popular vote, but committees are only allowed to express their voice in their areas of knowledge.

Later five nominees are chosen for every award and a winner in the end. Victorious artists are selected from more than 25 music domains that include genres like pop, rock, rap, R&B, country, reggae, classical, gospel, and jazz also production and postproduction results containing packaging and album notes. Four general rewards are handed for a record, album, song of the year, and best new artist. More than 75 awards are given altogether during the ceremony, a highlight of the voting.

Artists who try to compete for an award have to release a song or music video in the US from 1 October last year, till the midnight of 30 September, because this period counts as the Grammy year. To fit for a Latin Grammy, a song could be released anywhere globally, but it must be recorded in the Spanish or Portuguese language between 1 July of the previous year and 30 June of the award year.

Submissions are sent by the record companies and the academy members and are inspected to decide eligibility and category placement. Successful contestants show up in The Grammy Awards TV ceremony, where the winners are announced.

Over the years, The Grammy Awards received criticism surrounding transparency and even racism. However, the event is still well-recognised by the media and music industry, and the ceremony catches the attention of the professionalism of presenters and iconic looks.

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