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At the age of four, she decided to stop being a girl and become Britain’s youngest transgender.

Nowadays, sex trans is nothing new,

Doncaster dad of trans boy, 4, speaks out after son knew he was born the  wrong gender when he was just 3 - YorkshireLive
(Photo: Matthew Stubbings/LinkedIn/)

But recently, Matthew Stubbings, 44, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK, posted a post that attracted a lot of attention. He told the story of his child’s transsexuality. In particular, the child is only four years old.


Matthew and his wife Klara Jeynes have twins.

Among them, the boy’s name is Arlo and the girl’s name is Emerald.

(Photo: Matthew Stubbings/LinkedIn/)

Like most parents, the boy Arlo was given blue and green clothes for men, while the girl’s emerald was given a pink skirt, long hair and a ponytail. By the time the twins were 18 months old, emerald had become uneasy about gender, hated braids, long skirts and beautiful shoes, longed to be as masculine as her brother Arlo, and loved firemen and police toys. She always thought she was a boy, not a girl.

Doncaster dad of trans boy, 4, speaks out after son knew he was born the  wrong gender when he was just 3 - YorkshireLive
(Photo: Matthew Stubbings/LinkedIn/)

The parents also accepted the fact that they cut off their daughter’s long hair and changed it into the boy’s clothes. They changed Emerald’s name to Stormy and lived as a boy. Father Matthew said, “maybe from birth, Stormy is not a girl.”

(Photo: Matthew Stubbings/LinkedIn/)

Now, Stormy is four years old, but his parents have started consulting him for sex trans surgery ahead of time.
They contacted the Tavistock Clinic, the largest cross-gender clinic for children in the UK. But because Stormy has to be 10 years old, or at the beginning of puberty, to do the next step.

Now, his parents have to raise Stormy like a boy until he grows up.

His father worried that as he grew up, Stormy would encounter more and more difficulties. For example, after he went to school as a male, how to solve the problem of going to the bathroom or having sports lessons in the dressing room? The reason why dad made the family situation public this time is not to discuss cross gender issues, but to make the public accept and tolerate the minority.

Matthew said: “This is one of my sons. A bright, happy boy who loves his life. “What many people don’t know is that when he was born he was ‘sexed’ as a girl. His gender identity, what’s in his head, doesn’t match his physical sex.

“I am so proud that he knows who he is and isn’t constrained by societal norms and prejudices. “We can all learn something from this small boy and I learn every day. Everyone is different. “We all need accept that people are different and not try to force those around us to fit into a box that suits us. “Accepting people for who they are is the only way to encourage innovation, embrace growth and harness the best in everyone. “I have permission from my son to post this. He is proud of who he is.

India COVID-19 CRISIS: ONE NATION, Two worlds.

Indian hospitals turn away patients in Covid-19 'tsunami' - World - DAWN.COM
Photo from Dawm news

Data show that as of April 30, there were 3790308 new confirmed cases and more than 200000 deaths in India.

The second deadly wave of COVID-19 in India has destroyed the big city of Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow and Pune. In those places, hospitals and crematoria have run out of space, and funerals even take place in parking lots. But now, the epidemic has been firmly controlled in many small cities, towns and villages, and the reports of the new coronavirus damage in these places are generally lower than the truth.

At least 13 killed in Indian hospital fire as country gripped by new  coronavirus variant | South China Morning Post
Photo from Dawm news

The world of the underprivileged

An Indian old man’s wife got a new crown and died. In order to prevent the spread of the new crown, the village chased them out. In order to find the crematorium, the old man rode with the body for several hours. When he was tired, he didn’t know how to stop the car, his old companion didn’t know how to put it, and he didn’t know when he would arrive. Is this the last step of life?

Photo from Twitter

The world of the high class

India’s major private aircraft rental, charter service companies ushered in their busiest time.

Every day, I received 80 inquiries about charter flights to Dubai, and took off 12 charter flights a day. Every time it was almost full, the price of air tickets continued to rise, and the supply still exceeded the demand.

India's rich and famous flee country's COVID-19 outbreak on private jets
Photo from Facebook

Some Bollywood stars, such as Ranbir Kapoor and Disha Patani, have fled India to enjoy exotic food and views.

Indian actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui criticized the sharing of holiday photos by thousands of compatriots as they struggled for their lives. He said: “These entertainment celebrities posting vacation pictures at a time when the world is reeling under the worst recession…. Logon ke paas khana nahin hai aur aap paise phenk rahe ho. Kuch toh sharam karo. (People don’t have food to eat and you are spending money like water. Have some shame.)”

The distinct gap between the rich and the poor makes India two different worlds.

The rich fled India long before the Indian government issued a ban on air travel. The poor are still in disaster.

Compared with the celebrities who fled, Bollywood star Akshay Kumar deserves praise.

Photo from

Deeply disturbed by the surge in Covid-19 cases, scarce oxygen supply and short-staffed hospitals during India battle with Covid, Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has donated INR 10 million to the Gautam Gambhir Foundation.

Rows of Funeral Pyres: Delhi is a Collage of Death and Despair as Covid-19  Ravages Lives
Photo from

Nowadays, India’s funeral industry is collapsing. As a result, the dead are not buried in time, resulting in the accumulation of bodies. If we do not find a way to deal with the corpse, then the corpse will rot, causing a plague, India next faces a double blow. If we want to deal with it, then the possible ways are burial and water burial. Next, the number of floating corpses in the Ganges may increase dramatically. In addition, when the living see that the dead can not be buried and the corpses are piled up like mountains, their spirits may be greatly impacted. Indians will completely lose confidence in life. It is estimated that the suicide rate will rise a lot. It seems that the impact on the epidemic prevention itself is not great. But it will add to the horror of hell in India.

The whole society is crumbling, and the Indian people and government are facing many difficulties.

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“Tattoo changed my initial perception.”

Lin Tanbin

This video is an interview with Lin Tan bin, a tattoo artist. He is 36 years old, with a junior high school diploma. He has worked in many jobs, such as delivery clerk, driver, etc. At the beginning of entering the tattoo industry, he was not approved by his family. With the lapse of time, his family is also attracted by the tattoo culture, tattoo from his hobbies into his career. This year is his third year in the tattoo industry. The video talks about the influence of tattoos on his life and his views on tattoos.

5.14.2018 Sichuan Airlines flight alternates to Chengdu incident

This video describes the extremely rare situation in which the crew of China Sichuan Airlines flight 3u8633 suddenly encountered the cockpit windshield falling off and cabin pressure relief at an altitude of 9800 meters while performing the mission on May 14, 2018. The crew relies on a very small number of instruments that are still in working condition for manual driving. At the critical moment of life and death, the correct disposal of the heroic crew ensured the life safety of all personnel on board, and created a miracle in the history of world civil aviation.

A photographer, using low-cost props to make fashion blockbusters.

Kihmberlie, She is a photo blogger.

First of all, let’s take a look at her works.

Do you think it needs the tacit cooperation of the whole team to capture this feeling? But if you watch her shooting process, you will be shocked.
Because from creativity, setting, to shooting, post She did all the work by herself.

GIF from Kihmberlie’s Instagram

The scene she shot was just an empty room, But her works seem to cover the whole world.

The screenshot from Kihmberlie’s Twitter

In every work that makes everyone amazing, behind them are full of the breath of poverty.

Take this picture for example. You think it’s set on a beautiful beach.

But in fact, this is an inflatable pool of bubbling water in the backyard.

Another example

You think it was shot in the studio, but in fact it was simply made up of a light source and two pillars in the room.

In addition, Kihmberlie also spends a lot of time arranging complex backgrounds.

The production process, first of all, she buys fake flowers, then there is a long time of manual work. In order to make the background more in line with my own ideas, I have to reform many details myself. Then it’s setting up the background in the room.

After shooting, She kept it for the next shooting.

She spent $15 imitating Doja cat’s street MV.

And took a set of photos about protecting the marine environment, publicized and protected the environment, and advocated the prohibition of the use of plastic products.

Kihmberlie’s real name is Kimberly Douglas. The 25-year-old has been attracting art lovers with her low-cost props and magnificent photo composition. K has been dreaming of becoming a photography model since 7 years ago. At that time, as a student, she had no way to get a satisfactory sample film and no funds to hire a professional team to shoot for herself. So she began to create her own way.

First of all, She learned how to posture in front of the camera and control her body from the school modelling class.

Second, creativity is the hardest part. She began to imitate her favourite works or movies and thought about how to use the most cost-effective way to shoot amazing works with similar styles.

Without a magnificent palace, she built one herself.

Simply use the foil paper, foam board and lens from kaleidoscope glasses to create a dreamland.

With her more and more creative, more and more skilled shooting operation, the works are more and more amazing.
At the same time, it was discovered by netizens on Instagram and Twitter.

Later, there were a lot of brand cooperation and column interviews.

Now she does not need to use low-cost props to restrict her creation. But for her, to be able to use cost-effective props to complete large-scale production has become the joy of her life.
So we can still see her amazing works from her social platform.

Hope that the enthusiasm and persistence will accompany her all the time, move on and create better works.