Will Spain be the right holiday destination this summer?

With the lifting of the state of emergency on Sunday 9 May, it seems that the situation in Spain is gradually improving, reopening the possibilities of a near future with more and more travel and tourists.

Approaching the figure of 5.7 million vaccinated people who are now fully vaccinated, i.e. 12 % of the population so far, the restrictions imposed up to now throughout Spain may start to change, giving way to a new season of novelties both for the citizens of the country and for tourists from different parts of the world.

Pending the travel plans imposed by the UK on 17 May, countries will be divided into three categories, green, amber or red, depending on how the health emergency situation is developing within their borders.

Due to the high flow of British tourism to Spain every summer, it is expected that Spain will be one of the countries accepted for travel to from the end of May.

Therefore, if travel between the two countries is given the green light, or even if it is relegated to amber class, we can hopefully expect a summer of sun, surf and sand for all those interested in making the trip.

Video courtesy of
Mallorca – under the sun

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