France: What is a ‘Pass sanitaire ?’

France would like to establish a “pass sanitaire” beginning of June 2021.

Even though no official date has been announced regarding the launching of such certificate in France, the government has planned to use it as a proof of vaccination against Covid-19, a natural immunity after being ill or a negative test result. Those who wish to access crowded events of more than 1000 people such as festivals or concerts will have to show their “pass sanitaire.”

This certificate would be in line with the EU-Wide “Green Digital Certificate” approved by the Europpean Parliament on 29 April. This should notably allow more secured travels within the Europpean Union.

On May 3, The Covid Scientific Council has announced being in favor of a “pass sanitaire” in France: “[this would be] used temporarily and exceptionally to allow people to go back to an almost normal life while minimising the risk of contamination.”

Photo by Petr Sevcovic on Unsplash

The certificates that compose the “pass sanitaire” can be integrated as a numerical format on the application TousAntiCovid, unveiled on 19 April, but will also be available as a PDF and paper format.

French President Emmanuel Macron assured that the “pass sanitaire” will “never be a right of access that differentiates French people. It will not be mandatory to access places of everyday life such as restaurants, theatres, cinemas or to visit friends.”

France continues to discuss the possible establishment of such certificate on its territory.

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Photo by Fran Boloni on Unsplash

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