Covid 19 conditions and vaccins: what do young french people think?

Photo by Matese Fields on Unsplash

While England’s condition is improving, in France (like in many other countries), young people feel like they are trapped by the current covid 19 situation, with a part of their youth “stolen.” Nonetheless, motivation, patience and hope are well present, with the vaccinations appearing as the key to get their normal life back.

“It’s true that being young now means not being able to plan and evolve professionally like we would in normal conditions. We are also very limited in the number of people we meet and places we can visit. And I think travelling and meeting people is an essential part of the health and flourishment of young people.” Tells Charlène, 26.

Photo by Elevate on Unsplash

“That’s true that we feel that we can’t live our life at the moment, but if making the sacrifice to not go out or see friends and families for a while means that it can help us get out of this pandemic, we have to do it and be patient.” Adds Jérémy, 25.

“And we are lucky to be in France during those difficult times. Help is given to young people or disadvantaged people for example. Our living conditions are much better than in other countries.” says Charlène.

Photo by Chris Karidis on Unsplash

As the vaccines arrive, many young people see the end of this dark period approaching.

“We have to get vaccinated to stop the pandemic, protect ourselves and the others.” mentions Jérémy.

“It’s a godsend. We need it to get our normal life back. Vaccins before have always proved to be efficient, why not that one?” points out Charlène.

Photo by Mat Napo on Unsplash

When seeing the massive vaccinations in England and the number of infected people decreasing, hope among young people arise even more.

“English people have started ahead of us. And seeing the efficiency of the vaccins proves us that it will do the same thing in France when we get to their point.” Thinks Christophe, 27.

Jérémy concludes: “France is a bit too passive in my opinion, we were slow to react compared to English people, but we are getting there. We’ll see in the next few weeks…”

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