Wutong, Nanjing, China is flooded with Flos, which affects residents’ lives.

French Wutong (Wutong, for short) is a sunshade and scenic line in Nanjing. It records the vicissitudes of the century and carries a thick rural feeling. However, 4-5 months every year, the Wutong flying trees are very annoying for the sensitive crowd. According to Wutong wutao forecast of 2021 Jiangsu Indus, which is jointly issued by the Nanjing meteorological service center, Nanjing City Greening Bureau and China Weather Network, the main city area of Nanjing will be floating with Wutong in the next three days.

Zhongshan North Road, Zhongshan East Road and central road are the “worst hit areas” of “floating wadding troubles”. They have the characteristics of long road section, large age of trees, large number of fruit balls and serious floating wadding. They are also the main traffic arteries in Nanjing. The traffic volume of people and vehicles is very large. Therefore, they have a great impact on public travel. We should remind everyone to do a good job of protection.

Wutong, widely cultivated in Nanjing as a street tree. There are two sources of Wutong wadding, namely the March and April bud buds and the fruit hairs of mid May. When Wutong fruit ball burst, the dark yellow and globular fruit hair fluttering with the wind was like a “Wutong rain”. When the maximum temperature is above 20 ℃, it begins to float, and when the temperature is above 25 ℃, it is serious. In addition, when the wind speed is 3-4m / s, the air humidity is small enough and the light is sufficient, the flocculent is the most abundant.

According to experts, Wutong “fruit wool” is an allergen, easy to induce skin allergy, allergic rhinitis, asthma and other diseases. People with dry skin and allergic skin and the elderly are most likely to develop allergic dermatitis due to Wutong wadding. People with allergy history can take some anti allergy drugs, and try to reduce the number of Wutong floating roads when they go out. The best way to prevent diseases caused by Wutong is protection. Go out to wear masks and hats, go home to wash face frequently, if you feel skin burning, erythema, asthma patients, especially children with recurrent cough and other symptoms, to seek medical treatment in time.

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