online Crowd funding helping more than the government.

How a young person from London helped an expecting unemployed mother to be using her social media account .

By Mihlali Sidney

Having a baby can be stressful for the expecting mother under normal circumstances but the stress is heightened when you are expecting in a pandemic unemployed. Pregnant women who are from low-income households, are being denied the financial support that during the covid-19 pandemic. According to unions and women’s support groups, who are looking to the government for urgent universal credit to reform. The statutory maternity pay is paid to higher earning women by their employers, who have the luxury of “claiming it back” as “earnings” this is then ignored when benefit payments are calculated. Both of these are supposed to be implemented for expecting mothers to lessen the load, to allow them space and time to bond with their new baby.

On the 18th/ 02/2021 a young woman Misharlie, reached out to her followers on twitter to help assist her with helping an expecting unemployed mother. The tweet read “Does anyone have any baby stuff for a new born, push chairs, cots, clothes. I’m trying to help a new mum who is about to give birth and is currently unemployed”

To her surprise, soon after her direct messages were flooded with offers for push chairs, nappies, baby clothes and money. The people are doing more for each other than the government.

In such challenging times the world has managed to open their hearts, to help each other.

Many people before covid would have probably not have bothered to extend help to another human being. Misharlie has wonderfully used an unequipped system to raise funds via social media and also help a family in need.

There are a few charities in the UK, that are there to help expecting mums in tough situations, Maternity action is dedicated to stand on behalf of pregnant women to help receive government aid for them and the baby.

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