Food in London: travel without taking the plane

Photo by Alva Pratt on Unsplash

It now has been a year since lockdown started for the first time in the UK due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It forced the majority of us to stay at home for a long period of time, preventing us from seeing friends and family as well as…travelling.

Even though it is still quite difficult to go anywhere at the moment, we are lucky to live in a city like London: there is no better place in Europe to find all kinds of food. Eating is one of the best ways to feel in another part of the world and to discover other cultures (or even feel like home when you are not originally from England).

With the restaurants re-opening on the 12th April, we provide you with the top 4 to try and feel in another part of the world.

Get rid of the anxiety to not be able to move far away easily!

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Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Korean culture and food have grown in popularity in the recent years. Eating a Korean meal means warmth and a great friendly atmosphere as the food is usually placed in the centre of the table and not in individual plates so everyone can serve themselves. You will be able to experience the delicious, varied and balanced Korean diet, from Bulgogi and Kimchi to Japchae and Bibimbap.

Go to Gogi Korean bar and Grill at 451 Edgware Road W2 1TH


Photo by Jakub Kapusna on unsplash

Known for its great cuisine, it is no wonder that Italian food is one of the most popular type in the world. Meals are a big event in Italy where several dishes (up to 6) are served one after the other (of course in London, you would mostly order one dish and a dessert). Their expertise in the making of pasta and pizza is undeniable and praised by many but there is so much more to Italian cuisine! Enjoy Pollo alla Milanese (Pan-fried chicken breast with spaghetti and tomato sauce), risotto or bruschetta.

Try out La Divina 134 Upper St, Islington N1 1QP


Photo by Frank Zhang Rio on unsplash

Chinese food is known worldwide and is very popular. In China, dishes would be put on a round and moving surface in the middle of the table so people can turn it to reach the plate they want (but in London, dishes are usually simply put in the centre of the table). Beyond the traditional spring rolls and Cantonese rice, discover the specialty of the restaurant recommended below, dumplings and buns, delicious dishes among many that you can eat traditionally with chopsticks.

Go to Xi Home Dumplings and buns at 43 Chandos Place Covent Garden WC2N4HS


Photo by jarritos mexican soda on unsplash

Want some more latino and tropical vibes? Head out to a Mexican restaurant where avocado is king and taste typical dishes such as burritos, tacos and enchiladas. With colourful restaurants and engaging music, you sure will enjoy your evening. Due to centuries of Spanish influence, Mexican people usually tend to eat late: 1.30-4pm for lunch, (which is the most consistent meal of the day) and 8-9pm for dinner, which consist of a lighter meal (usually tacos and soup).

Taste Mexico at Wahaca Oxford circus at 26-28 Great Portland St, Fitzrovia W1W 8QT

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