Random street interview about Chinese football

After preliminary research and thinking. According to the set theme. I used the playground of a university in China as the main interview place to make more college football fans our interviewees. At the same time, in order to make the data more comprehensive and reflect the randomness, I also conducted random interviews with some interviewees on general commercial streets.

In my video, the interview takes the form of random interviews on the street. After the random interviewees agreed, they were asked four questions about the Chinese national team:

Q: have you paid attention to the matches of Chinese football team recently?

Q:What’s your impression of the national football team?

Q:What do you think of China’s introduction of naturalized players?
(Do you think they will help the national football team improve?)

Q:If the Chinese national team enters the world cup,will you watch it live?

After collecting the answer results in the later stage, we can integrate them and produce the following interview video.

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