Taking photos keeps the time and keeps the memory forever. Photography is popular today, but think about it and appreciate it, because in ancient times, or hundreds of years ago, this ability would have been considered a kind of magic. When you start paying attention to the details, you will inevitably find a lot of beauty in your daily life, you will begin to find fun in it, and photography will change your daily experience.

For Chiara, she loved photography rather than life. Using the lens to record a moment of beauty, the instant beauty in the form of data for a long time to save, some time in the future, open the album, look at familiar or unfamiliar photos, relive recent or distant memories, is a very happy thing.

Let her tell us what she thinks about taking pictures

The meaning of taking a picture will never disappear,
Even if the scenery has changed, people have changed, but the scenery at that time is permanent.
And the story behind the photo may deeply move others.
The charm of photography lies in its reality and its fleeting moment.

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