Art comes from life, but is higher than life.

The charm of art is that it takes us far away, but makes us feel at home.—Excellent sheep
Alex and his symphony orchestra are on a show

Canon in D (Pachelbel’s Canon) , a cello song. Melodious, low, like an old man’s leisurely chat, narrates the ordinary story of her life.
It circulates. My mind drifted back to the old houses and streets of the village more than 20 years ago. The foundation is made of green brick, which is higher than half of the ground. The soil is mixed with straw. The old street is a dirt road, which is well built. Every morning, clean up and sprinkle some water. In the evening, move a small table, small stool, a family around, while enjoying the cool, while eating. After dinner, lie on a bamboo recliner. The children are running and playing. Adults take off the tiredness of the day and chat…

Alex is a Chinese cello student. He has been practicing Cello for 12 years, among which he has participated in many symphony orchestras and played many pieces. In the following video, we will interview him with the cello story.
With the continuous development of Chinese art, Chinese education began to focus on the art examination (special art college entrance examination), and he also successfully gained an advantage in the art examination. However, in the face of today’s parents forcing their children to learn art in order to take the examination, he thinks that this is not desirable. Art comes from life and is higher than life. “We should enjoy art, not let it go Art has become a tool for us to make profits (mainly) “. The most important thing in learning everything is not only interest but also persistence.

Interview with Alex

Reference[1]任海琨. 大提琴的艺术魅力[J]. 文艺生活·文艺理论, 2016, 000(011):88.

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