The viral tiktok food trends you need to know about

There is no better way to start the day off than looking for the menu of the week on TikTok. This social network, which for several years now has been growing in popularity, never ceases to surprise when it comes to creating new trends for their followers, and it seems that food has quickly become one of the most popular topics. 

So, if you don’t know what to eat, or if you feel like trying out something fresh and delicious, it seems the answer lies in trusting your For You page and allowing yourself to be carried away by the charm of the new recipes that will be presented on it.

Dalgona coffee

If you’re in need of a caffeine kick then this one is definitely for you! With most coffee shops closed, TikTok users are going crazy for this coffee recipe that looks impressive but is easy to make. Only four simple ingredients are needed to achieve fluffy, creamy goodness. Sugar, instant coffee, water, and milk (you probably already have all of them lying around in your kitchen.) It’s no surprise that the drink has been nicknamed ‘quarantine coffee’. A word of warning, Dalgona coffee is seriously addictive so make it at your own risk and remember you have nobody but yourself to blame after finishing your fifth cup.  

Baked feta pasta

Cheese lovers may have recently been attracted to the popular baked feta cheese pasta trend. It’s another recipe that is so simple, it seems too good to be true. Obviously roasting a block of feta with bursting tomatoes is going to be delicious. Or at least delicious enough to break the internet. It’s definitely comfort food at its finest.

Potentially, the reason behind these trends going viral is the fact that they are easily accessible. The ingredients used in these viral recipes are ones that we have at hand in our kitchens and the methods are easy. “Easy” is the key word here. It’s way easier and less time consuming to watch twenty 15 second TikTok videos than it is to sit through a one-hour-long cooking show on T.V.

by Erin Kalejs and Saray Ramiro Fernandez

Featured image: Courtesy of TikTok

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