Art reporter: a journalist in art circle

Yaojie Chen

Chen Yaojie

Senior art media person

“Art reporters should first understand the history of art, and then be familiar with the circle.”

Chen Yaojie has been an art media professional for six years.

Studying in Sichuan Academy of fine arts, he majored in art history. With relevant professional background and teacher’s recommendation, Chen Yaojie came to Beijing to work for an art website.

At that time, the art media industry – even not limited to the art industry, in the whole press – was in the “best era”.

For a long time, the most important forms of media, namely magazines, newspapers and other print media, gradually declined under the impact of the Internet. At that time, wechat had not yet been born, and ipone had just reached 4. Compared with the mobile terminal, most people were still used to watching news on the PC.

Nowadays, people’s reading methods are rewritten by mobile phone, and more and more art and media based on app and official account are emerging in the industry.

The heyday of the “Royal three” online media has passed, but its influence is still on. Whenever there is a new exhibition that needs to be publicized, these websites are still the objects that organizations most want to cooperate with.

Six years ago, Chen Yaojie was an editor.

Chen Yaojie’s work. (picture provided by interviewee)

Journalists and editors need to contribute as well. However, unlike the original reporter’s manuscripts, editors mostly compile and integrate the existing materials on the Internet, or simply “move the news from other places to their own websites”. Chen Yaojie jokingly called himself an “Internet migrant worker”: “every day to the company, is to upload news, and then each channel update down.”

Although the work is basic, it is already in the industry. After a period of editing work, Chen Yaojie became familiar with this circle.

“To be an art media, there are two aspects of accumulation: first, we need to understand some basic concepts of art history, such as Impressionism and abstract performance. You need to know what they are. The second is to be familiar with the art circle. At least Zhang Xiaogang and Fang Lijun put forward that you should know who they are. “

Gradually, Chen Yaojie was sent to run some activities and write some simple reports on the exhibition site. After his writing ability was recognized, Chen Yaojie began to interview artists, critics, curators, institutions and auction houses.

At first, he was responsible for listing problems and arranging recordings. With more and more contacts and deeper qualifications and abilities, Chen Yaojie has been able to write the most difficult topics: industry observation and topical articles.

Among the topics of art media, a few topics are the hot topics in the industry that have entered the public vision, such as the “geyulu” event some time ago; or the hot exhibitions that have attracted attention from important institutions, such as the team lab exhibition in Beijing in Perth; or the influential art events at home and abroad, such as Venice Biennale, Cassel literature exhibition, major expositions, etc.; and other industries The major events and new tendencies of the press depend on the art fields that each reporter focuses on.

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