My hometown ushered in the second outbreak of the epidemic

Here is jessie from China-Dalian. At the beginning of 2020, China as the very first country in the world have an outbreak on coronavirus. By the end of May majority of city in China had no increase confirmed cases. Many people feel that this war between human and virus seems to come to an end. However, unexpected things have come in my city.

On July 22, Dalian reported its first new coronavirus case in nearly three months. At the same day, city government swung into action and closing Dalianwan (where the outbreak is believed to have begun).

On July 23, city government reported that the confirmed cases had increased to 2. As the results come out at the same time city government shout down all the sate road nearby Dalian.

On July 24, confirmed cases had increased to 9. Chinese government started to suggest people do not enter Dalian in non-emergency situations. And city government lock down the district which belong to Dalianwan.

On July 25, city government all Dalian citizens need nucleic acid testing. In order to, check all asymptomatic infections. This is not an easy job because there are more than 6,500,000 citizens in Dalian and nearby area.

Picture original from jessie shooted on 24th july in Dalian

Places where confirmed cases are found are closed for environmental testing and disinfection. And people who are confiremed government had reported where did they go in the previous 3 days , this help other people noticed whether they may carry virus.This breakdown led to a whole testing on other similar seafood markets (where the tested shows that virus was began on the package of seafood)fish, supermarkets and restaurants.

Citizens who want to travel to other city had had a negative test in the previous 7 day and have green status on their health app. Here is report from China. Hope everyone keep safe.

Auido come from jessie recorded in Dalian on 24th July


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