Caution your mental health during the special time

With the development of the society, people start to be noticed that the dangers of mental health problem. During the special time in this year, people had been suggesting to stay at home for safety. Even NHS ask people to take care of your mental wellbeing when you stay at home.

During the time people self-isolation, people may feel board, frustrated or lonely. This sympathy will have extremely high rate to appear on people who have previous mental health problem.

CDC (centers for disease control and prevention) shows that epidemic can cause mental stress.

Here are four tips I summaries for everyone to look after their mental health. Remember mental health is as important and physical health.

  1. Stay connected with other.

Talking to your friends, family, and people you trust is always a good way release your anxiety. Not matter by phone, messaging, facetime, or social media. Talk to them about what your worries, they might face the same situation right now.

2. Have regular sleep and look after your daily routine.

Life might be different during this specific time for everyone. It’s also necessary to have regular sleep cycle and look after you daily routine, you have plenty time right now to think about what your new timetable everyday and you can feel more freedom at home. How wonderful is it! Psychological experiments show, most of the depression patient have sleeping problem either do want to sleep or sleep too much. If you feel you cannot go to sleep, please noticed that not a good signal and you may need to speak to somebody about it. Good sleep quality can always make things better.

3. Do not stay glued to the news.

I know there are plenty new about COVIN-19 on either social or news. Some of them are positive but some of them are negative. Trying to limit your time on these news. Believe me no matter whether you look at it or not, it would not change anything. You should set up a specific time during the day to browse these and remember if you stay at home you are safe, so whether what is happening outside is what happening outside.

4. Have regular exercise every day.

I know you cannot go to the gym right now. But there are millions of different exercise you can do at home. For example, yoga. Remember do not stay on your phone all the time and calling your friends. You need some exercise as well.

Overall, wish everyone can enjoy their time stay at home and keep your mental wellbeing.


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