Professor Carl Jones delivers a lecture on ‘fake news’ for secondary school children

Carl Jones, a PR and Advertising senior lecturer at the University of Westminster has hosted an online lecture on ‘Fake news & how to Spot it’ earlier this week via the software Microsoft teams to almost 1,400 students within the UK.

The talk was arranged by the charity Speakers for Schools, which was established to put young people in touch with eminent figures and societal leaders including CEOs and professors, as well as their organisations.

As stated on their website, Speakers for Schools have managed to reach more than 890,000 students nationwide through their talks and work experience programme since the charity was founded in 2010.

During his talk, Jones discussed the theme of Fake News and later explored its appearances in social media sites, advertising, as well as journalism.

The talk was ended by providing a tool kit that young students are able to apply in order to find out whether a piece of information would be misinformation or not.

WNOL asked Carl Jones why he thought it mattered to make students – people aware of the circulation of fake news, his answer was:

Below is a Tweet of Carl Jones delivering the lecture a few days ago posted by Speakers for Schools charity.

By Gabriela Jimenez

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