Denmark’s second step in reopening the country

The Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced the next phase of the reopening of Denmark in a press conference on the evening 6 of May.

On Monday the 11 of May, Denmark will be reopening all restaurants, shopping malls, libraries and school from years 5 to 9. However, with this reopening, there will be specific guidelines on how they are allowed to reopen.

Mette Frederiksen said in her press conference that “we are now entering phase two, and I expect it to be bigger then we dared to.”

Denmark has seen over 10,000 cases of individuals with coronavirus and 506 deaths, however, the spread of the virus and the Danish healthcare system is stable. Therefore, Denmark will be one of the first European countries to reopen again.

It is very clear from the Danish government that the main focus will be the specific guidelines the different businesses have to follow in order to have a safe reopening.

Instagram page of Friis

Maria Bøg works for the marketing divesting of the shopping centre Friis in Aalborg, Denmark:

“It is essential we follow the specific precautions when re-opening, and out of respect do not have an aggressive promotion as well”.

Video by Yasmin Sakki

The reopening of restaurants can hopefully help local restaurants as their income lately only relies on takeaway orders.   

I am positive we can re-open in a safe way. It is hard for the small businesses’ economy to be on lockdown. As long as we follow the safety guidelines I am positive this will succeed

Says Maria Bøg.

by Yasmin Sakki

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