Coronavirus vs Football transfer market

The summer transfer window usually opens on July 1st, and the deadline recently got returned from August 8th to August 31st. This was implemented a long time before the lockdown was enforced by nations across Europe and before football seasons across the globe were put on hold alongside other sports.

With most leagues expected to return to action between late May and mid-June, many have questioned what the summer transfer window would look like.

This time last year, football clubs were already working on deals that would come to fruition once the transfer window opened, although this year this has been different due to Coronavirus.


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The main example of this is the Dortmund- Jadon Sancho- Manchester United saga. The Manchester United hierarchy have made their interest in the 20-year-old England international very clear and seem to be in pole position as they have already begun fruitful negotiations with the player and his agent.

The obstacle here however according to sources from Germany, was that due to the Coronavirus situation there was a gap in communication between the clubs, therefore, they will have to wait till when the lockdown in both countries is lifted.

That was until midnight on May 7th when reports from Germany stated United are willing to wait till summer 2021 for the deal to be sealed due to the financial impact of Coronavirus.


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Dortmund have made it clear however that they are not willing to go below their €100 million asking price which equates to £87.4 million which has left United fans who have seen the Glazers unwilling to pay such high prices in recent times leading to deals stalling over a long period such as the £47.5 million Bruno Fernandes signing in the January window which took the whole of January, sceptical of the possibility of this deal happening especially now that clubs have lost a lot of money during this period of suspension football has gone through.

Here’s a tweet from a United fan reiterating the recent reports that came out.

This is just one example of how Coronavirus is affecting transfers. Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has been told by the Arsenal hierarchy to focus on loan and swap deals when the window opens on the basis of the fact the club wouldn’t be able to finance a spending spree type summer transfer window.

There were mixed feelings from football fans on this news. Arsenal brought in Nicholas Pepe on finance last summer and are still paying off his transfer fee in instalments.

Paul Pogba, who has highly anticipated a move away from Manchester United can see himself stuck at old Trafford if the Coronavirus snowball effect affects the pockets of the big boys in Europe who could afford his £120 million-plus asking price.

Fans believe this deal going through has a major part to play in providing funds to finance the Jadon Sancho deal.

This shows how Coronavirus has affected pockets and efficiency of transfers in this period. According to Fifa, the transfer window could open for longer up till January to financially help clubs get back on their feet but they have not been clear about when it would be open for all, though many sources cite an opening by mid-June for teams to bolster their squads in preparation for the last lap of their season.

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