What happens next to European football across top five leagues?

Football authorities across the world are struggling with how to resolve the season after virtually all play was suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here we examine what European countries are doing to bring the 2019-20 season to a close.


France has led Europe as the first out of the top 5 leagues to void the 2019/2020 Football season.

French President Emmanuel Macron went on to encourage other European countries to follow suit.

This move means that BEIN sports, which covers a wide percentage of football in France would get a huge payday out of this as their TV contract could not be completed and also, sponsors may also have to collect back the money paid to clubs they have deals with.

This has left many disappointed with the decision as countries like the United Kingdom are still considering how the season can be finished behind closed doors.

On a lighter note, a Twitter user had some humour to share with someone quite against the proceedings with football in France.

Fans from the UK seemed to handle this news well with many hoping Liverpool would enjoy the same privileges as PSG who went on to be crowned champions of Ligue 1, much to the distaste of rival fans such as fans of 5thplaced Manchester United.

United Kingdom

The Premier League has shown no signs of slowing down as they have passed updated fixture schedules to clubs so as to reinstate normal training in the near future.

They predict football could be back as soon as June 8 and training would begin on May 18 to work towards the aforementioned date.

This schedule could hinge on whether or not Prime Minister Boris Johnson extends the lockdown or not.


In Germany, the Bundesliga’s return has been delayed by the government. They had previously hoped to make a return on May 9, although this can no longer be achievable but will be reconsidered as soon as next week.


In Spain, the Spanish La Liga are taking baby steps towards a potential return to action.

The focus all around Europe at the moment is on how clubs can at least complete their domestic seasons so as to prevent losing out on several streams of revenue which have been cut short due to the current global pandemic and it’s resulting lockdown measures.

In essence, the Spanish La Liga are aiming to be back in action mid-June with 11 games still to go.

Players are due to start testing for Covid-19 between May 5 and May 7.


Italy was the first country in Europe to really feel the effect of this pandemic with a colossal amount of people from all age groups dying and they were also one of the first in Europe to stop football and go into a full and strict lockdown with their streets near empty at all periods.

Serie A is expected to return at the earliest on June 10 but the players will begin individual training as soon as May 4.

Training centres at football clubs will reopen on May 18 and the main reason they are ensuring their season goes on is because of a quote from Italian Football Federation (IFF) President Gabriele Gravina who told Goal.com that a continued lockdown would be disastrous for the finances of football in the country.

Therefore, as it is clear that these top European footballing countries have no plans to void their seasons, football may be back by the start of June.

(image source: courtesy of Pexels)

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