Retail therapy on lock

With the lockdown banning people from leaving their house (unless absolutely necessary), less money is being spent on things like travel and impulsive buying, but one spending habit that consumers have been able to maintain is that of online clothes shopping.

Many businesses and establishments have had to close, meaning limited access to restaurants, shops and education establishments.  Here are a few places that are still running online:


Next’s online presence has wavered since the start of lockdown, but the retailer has re-opened its online store. ‘The retailer, which typically makes more than half of its sales online, was forced to suspend its online operations on 26 March’, the BBC reports. Their clearance stock is likely to have a greater range of products so it’s worth keeping an eye on.


Throughout the lockdown, retailer ASOS has continued to make their fashion accessible to consumers. Catering to both male and female buyers, ASOS offers styles in a range of sizes, which makes this online store a good alternative to physical retail outlets. Despite not having a childrenswear range, the website sells over 850 brands, and with consumers hoping for quarantine-free summer, it may be worthwhile to check out their summer stock.

Photo by Negative Space from Pexels


Despite not being known for its fashion, Amazon houses a range of clothing brands, with popular brands such as Nike and Adidas also being available. With more free time to take on hobbies like baking, the online market store also offers a range of electronics and kitchen appliances. Aside from clothing and electronics, Amazon is also a great place to source home essentials such as washing up liquid, detergent and shower gel.


If you’re not an online shopper, supermarkets Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda all have respective clothing brands that cater to men, women and children. Buying clothing whilst in lockdown may seem unconventional, but if you are carrying out an essential shop this time can also be used to pick up any essential clothing items such as underwear and socks, if these items are absolutely necessary.

(Image source: by Burst from Pexels)

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