Denmark’s first step towards a safe reopening of the country

Apart from Italy, Denmark was the first European country to announce a lockdown and now the first to re-open.

It has now been a few weeks since the Danish government reopened several institutions such as kindergartens, schools from class 0-5 and businesses like barbershops. However, parents remain worried about the risks of their children contracting the virus.


Image by Kaboompics/

Local kindergarten in Aalborg, Denmark Tiziana is one of the kindergartens that had to adjust to the new rules.

In efforts to stop the virus from spreading, all toys and equipment have to be sanitised twice a day, resulting in extra staff being employed for maintaining the standards. Furthermore, the kids have to spend most of the days outside, including their lunch.

I was very concerned about how this was going to work in the beginning, as we are dealing with children. It is still hard for some children to really understand the importance of social distance, even to the staff. But we are taking it day by day, and it comforts me we have some safety guidelines to maintain.

-says Ninna Bøg who works in the kindergarten Tiziana.

video by Yasmin Sakki

However, several parents argue that it is too early to reopen public places, especially among adolescents. There is still a large number of children who are not attending the institutions, even though they are registered as absent at schools.

Many of the parents are still scared of sending their kids to kindergartens. Therefore, we still see around 20% of the parents having their children at home. I feel very safe working here, as everyone respects the rules, we keep everything clean, it is justifiable that we are open.

-says Ninna Bøg.

(Image source: by Bruna Saito,

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