Thing to keep you busy during lockdown

  1. Netflix

Most of us will be watching a lot more TV than normal as it is, so I’m sure this was not a needed recommendation. But I suggest Netflix specifically due to its algorithms. It constantly recommends films and series which are similar to things you have previously watched. Also, it’s range of genres will keep you entertained for days on end.

2. Read

Reading requires a sort of dedication and time consumption that movies do not. They also allow you to use your own imagination. Your own interpretations. Downloading books on your phone is extremely easy if you don’t have access to any books.

3. Download TikTok

Learning and rehearsing TikTok dance routines takes up a lot of energy. Both kids and adults have been using the app to pass time, so it’s entirely worth a try. 

4. Practice cooking

Broadening your personal menu will keep you busy in those evenings of boredom. Attempt to cook things you’ve never tried before. Or even baking.

5. Learn a language

To learn a new language is not easy, but definitely a remarkable achievement. It strengthens learning skills that many of us have not touched upon since school times. But study of a new language will keep your brain stimulated and ultimately provide you with a great new skill. 

6. Work out

Having absolutely nothing to do can demotivate you to put in that exercise you really need. Therefore, is extremely important you set out some time to keep yourself active. Working out at home provides a sort of comfort gym lacks. The amount or intensity you do is entirely up to you. 

7. Pamper day

In times like this it is urged to take extra care of yourself. As specially in such stressful times. Set aside a day to do more nothing than usual. Have a long bath, wash your hair, etc.

8. Seek out new hobbies

Invest in something you are passionate about. Do that little bit extra that may help you with any career goals or aspirations you may have.

9. Clean

There’s literally no better time to declutter your life than now. Take this as an opportunity to deep clean your home and free up some space. All those clothes you don’t wear; put them in a bag to give to charity. That cabinet full of God knows what; have a look through it. Sort out all those little areas you never get around to on a regular day. 

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