5 ways to help your local community through Coronavirus

1. Support local businesses

If you still have the same income as usually one way to help the community through the outbreak, can be by supporting your local businesses that you usually go to every month. If we wish these small local businesses to still be upstanding after coronavirus, one way to show your support can be to donate the amount to your hairdresser, you normally would have paid for a haircut.

Photo from Pexels by Nick Demou

2. Help local neighbours

Even the small gestures matters. Therefore, if you do not financially have the opportunity to support local businesses, another way to help the community can be to help the local neighbours in your area. Ninna Bøg normally works in a nursery in Aalborg, Denmark but is home now due to the virus. She is showing her support by helping her 83-year-old neighbour, Lis with her daily tasks. This way Lis do not need to go to the grocery stores and pick up her medicine at the pharmacy, and risk a chance of infection, as Ninna is taking care of these tasks. This is one way people can help the local community, as it can be too risky for the older people to leave the house due to the lower chance of surviving the infection. Ninna is describing in the video, how they help each other in their community in Aalborg.     

Video by Yasmin Sakki

3. Spreading positive energy

Keep a positive mind-set and energy both in real life and on the online platform. In these times several individuals spend much more time online and are forced to communicate through the digital media, therefore it is relevant to keep a positive and hopeful energy online. In these days it is normal to be nervous about the outcome, but by spreading negativity online, will only cause unnecessary panic and drama. Therefore, try to post things online, which will lift people and help them through these hard times.   

Photo from Pexels by Andrea Piacquadio

4. Ordering takeaway

Since it is not possible to go out for dinner and socialise, many restaurants now offer takeaway and delivery services. This is a great way for restaurants still to be financially going and keeping a social distance for the virus not to spread.

Photo from Pexels by Pixabay

In the UK there has been an increase in 2020 of 9,8 % of food delivery compared to the same period in 2019, according to Statista. This indicates, that the Brits are supporting local takeaway and delivery services, and they might have a positive outcome of the crisis.


5. Make donations or volunteer work

A way to help the local community can be with making a donation to a charity you feel passionate for. Another way can be by doing volunteer work for NHS organisations, and if you have a special skill the local hospital need, you can always volunteer there.

Photo from Pexels by Peter Fazekas

Additionally, if you are well you can join the NHS volunteer responders, and help the healthcare system with simple tasks such as, delivering medicine and driving individuals from and to the hospital. You can even if not able to leave the house, sign up for the mobile service “check-in and chat”, to have a small chat with people who might feel lonely in these times.   

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