Lockdown laziness: social media to entertain the masses

Since the March the 22nd, London has been on lockdown to reduce the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, has put a stop to many public proceedings confining active Londoners to their homes, looking for endless forms of entertainment.

Luckily, our non-stop internet celebrities knew exactly what to do to keeps young Londoners, high in spirits. For concert goers who missed the thrill of being entertained by their favourite musicians, well lucky for them, the musician have brought the music to them – for free!

Musicians are taking to social media to host radio shows, cover concerts and all sorts for their fans to get involved.

Rapper Tory Lanez, who’s music is much appreciated in London, has created his own source of entertainment with his new radio show – ‘Quarantine Radio’.

Using the livestream feature on Instagram, the US rapper has blessed many of his followers by playing a wide variety of  music as well as having A-list celebrities such as Drake, guest star on his ‘show’.

Fans too are able to get involved, a the radio show also switches over to a talent shows. Viewers get the opportunity to show case their talent whether it being singing, dancing, or sports and are then given a rating from the remaining viewers on how well they performed.

Despite the social distancing measures, due to the availability of social, young londoners are able to make the most of their time, although most may be spent bed-ridden.

Though not the most common form of entertainment, but for many londoners ‘fitness’ is essential in their day to day routines. British fitness coach, Joe Wicks, has been at the frontline, supplying their daily craving of fitness.

Wicks has been inspiring many to keep fit during these stressful times of the lockdown with his livestreams on the popular site, Youtube, amassing over 1 million views each.  In an interview with CNN, Mr wicks spoke on the reason he does these livestreams.

“I want people to feel optimistic during this tough period. For the first time, children, teenagers and adults are being fit and active together”

If fitness is not your thing, then trendy challenges might. All over the social media, hashtags challenges have been bringing everyone together to get involved.

The most notable challenge, toilet roll kick up challenge, has drawn the likes of many to show off their keepy up skills. The challenge has grown considerably attracting big footballing superstars such as Lionel Messi to show instagram how it is done.

The power of social media has given Londoners endless opportunities to keep themselves entertained. Despite the social distancing measures, social media has been able to mentally close those distances, making everyone feel involved.

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