Fan unrest grows amid fears of Prem cancellation

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The 2019/20 English Premier league is a season for many teams to forget and a season for a few to remember.


Liverpool were 2 games away from lifting the prestigious trophy for the first time in over 30 years.


Sheffield United had come from the Championship straight into the top 10 and Manchester United were catching up to fourth placed Chelsea.


So, what is actually going on?


Voices from different sectors of the sport are in agreeance that the season be cancelled on the basis that not many teams have much to miss out on.


Only Liverpool who were on course to win the league with a substantial point gap from the second placed Manchester City team.


Influential figures such as Gary Lineker, Piers Morgan and even the Vice-Chairman of West Ham, Karren Brady have called for the season to be declared null and void.


In reaction to that, some fans gave him backlash as technically, West Ham were on course for relegation, so fans of rival clubs believe this is due to this.


In an interview with Manchester United legend, Rio Ferdinand suggested the season be voided due to the fact that there was no clear path ahead in regard to how the season was going to be completed and that is if it is to be completed at all. He went on to acknowledge Liverpool fans may come at him for saying this and defended himself by stating “ if it was my team in that situation, I would think about people’s health and the wider society rather than my own game.”


What are Premier League chiefs saying?


Very recently, the Premier League chiefs made known their plans to resume the season behind closed doors in May due to TV deals.


‘A lot of clubs would go into a crisis if their sponsors asked for a refund due to the fact that they weren’t on the pitch to advertise their brands and there are many other layers to be considered when thinking about voiding the season in such a fashion’


The Premier League has to meet up to their side of the deal with broadcasters who pay £3billion-a-year to broadcast live matches and that deal expires at the end of July meaning the Premier League would have met their obligations if they continue matches in May.


Reports suggest if the Premier League does not finish it’s campaign by July 16, the two major broadcasters; Sky Sports and BT Sport would have to be paid up to £762million as a result.





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