Coronavirus volunteer: “I felt that I cannot sit this one out”

With thousands of people isolating at home in the UK, depression and a feeling of being “left out” are already at epidemic levels, especially among the vulnerable ones. In what ways Britain is willing to tackle the abandonment among the lonely ones?

Thousands of volunteers gather around areas such as London, Cornwall and Norfolk to help those self-isolating.

Many people are joining Facebook groups offering food, support and other types of help for struggling families due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

According to GOV.UK, volunteering is now crucial in the response to Coronavirus especially during the lockdown.


A 27-year-old man, who has just received training from the outreach programme run by The Bridge of Heroes charity, is now ready to hit the streets.

However, Martin’s focus has now been shifted away from home-visits; instead he is running a press office and covering all their remote activities such as online cooking classes and exercises.

According to Martin, volunteers are provided with all the required PPE such as overalls, boot covers, face masks, eye protection, gloves and they are trained to implement decontamination procedures during the “shifts”.

The home visitors will also provide disposable face masks and gloves for the person they are visiting.

“I could either sit this one out and watch the pandemic evolve and unveil itself from the comfort of my own home, but instead I chose to get involved and help in whichever way possible.” – Martin said.

He said: “I felt that I cannot sit this one out. Instead I am going to receive as much training as possible to help those who are vulnerable.”better res

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