5 Tips to have a positive quarantine doing Coronavirus


Even though it is hard to meet in big groups, do not mean that we cannot come all together. Several countries have demonstrated how to create a sense of community, although some are isolated completely by themselves. All over the world, people have come together in this difficult time, in several different ways. 

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Here a Danish citizen from Copenhagen is every evening singing different songs to her neighbourhood. It is a way of showing that we are together in all these hard times and helps bring positivity within the community. Trine is reaching out to the general population and individuals that might feel alone in these times.


In our busy lives and packed schedule many individuals find it hard to really find the time to relax. Most people are now working from home, which gives a greater opportunity to have more time to relax and enjoy the silence.

Several people are currently isolated by themselves, so this might be the time to pick up that book you have been wanting to read for months, or simply take a step back from the busy schedule we normally have.     


In these hard times, it can be easy to get caught up in our own negativities and depressive thoughts. Especially if you are isolated alone and only focuses on the negative information being brought by the media. In these difficult times, it is important to reach out to people and do things that will keep your mind positive and hopeful. Yoga can be a great tool to keep your mind relaxed and furthermore, create a positive mind-set. 



Even though you are on quarantine and the county has shut down for a while, do not mean you cannot get things done for yourselves. The time is now to relax, but also if you have a special project you have always wanted to do, the time is now on your side. It can be small things as painting the garden furniture’s, to even bigger plans.

Allow yourselves to have plans and stuff you hope to get done while you are isolated. Getting things done and out of your mind, can leave with a sense of having achieved and accomplished something in these difficult times.     



Nobody knows how long this situation will be a reality for most people. In order to keep your mind healthy, it is important to also keep your body healthy. If not isolated, go for a walk or a run to empty your thoughts and keep up a good exercise rhythm.

But even if isolated open your windows and breath in the fresh air, and start doing home exercise, to maintain a healthy body and mind. Exercise, in general, is very good for your body but also mind-set, to be able to handle though situations and stay positive. Another way to stay healthy is to spend time cooking and baking healthy meals. Good nutrition is important in these times, where our movement is less than usual. Several experts find links between unhealthy diets and symptoms of depression. Therefore in these difficult times, it is important to maintain a healthy diet, in order to have a positive and clear mind.

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