COVID-19 effect on university students

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus has led universities across the UK to close. Face to face teaching will no longer be available as of this pandemic.

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To resolve educational issues, the development of online classes have been made available. Students are asked to follow online classes as if they were in person.

There has been concerns raised due to this recent change, as students from across the globe who attend university in the UK on a sponsored Tier 4 Visa, are either on the verge of finding new housing due to campus evacuation or moving back to their homeland as of the virus. This will be difficult for students abroad due to the time difference.

There are approximately 485,645 international students studying in the UK as of mid-2019.

Higher Education Statistics Agency

It can be certain that the shift from face to face teaching and online has brought attention to not only international students, but also to students who do not have the facilities at home to take part in online lectures.

Students that rely on university facilities such as the computers and the library will find it hard to adapt to the present situation without these resources. It could affect their chances of getting a good grade.

As the end of the semester is approaching and coursework is at its peak, third-year students are on the path to graduate. At present, there is uncertainty of whether or not graduation will take place.

It can be seen that students have taken their thoughts to social media based on the recent pandemic.

Student Tweet on Coronavirus
Virtual Graduation Meme

It is unknown when the pandemic will end. The public are advised to remain inside and in due time the virus will clear.

Amber Meghani

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