CoronaHack: Self-quarantining has introduced creative ideas for time pass

The coronavirus, or COVID-19 which has now enveloped across the world has left many of us in a state of uncertainty and a relentless need for distractions. As countries begin their collective efforts to self-quarantine, people have begun to entertain themselves in remarkably amusing ways.

1. Missing friends or family while social distancing? Have an online Netflix Party together

A video posted on TikTok soon spread across other social media channels – guiding users on how to livestream Netflix content together whilst exercising social distancing. It is a fast and simple set-up, all you need is a good connection and a group of people willing to join.

2. In these tough times, balcony-singing Italians inspired solidarity across the world

And in some places, it didn’t:

3. Travel plans cancelled? Compensate by introducing these creative alternatives

Compensating for upcoming plans that are now cancelled can be tough. Unprecedented cancellations and an abrupt stop to our daily routines is challenging, but the most we can do is to respect guidelines given by health and government professionals and hope that better days lie ahead.

Breaking news over breaking news, especially when fairly grim notifications are all that pop-up can be mentally draining. Take a break, relax and invest your time into something else. Perhaps those travel funds can be an exchange for something you never knew you needed. Maybe a drawing tablet, a gaming console, a piano – whatever alternative that may offer you some relief.

4. Take up a free online MOOC course ranging from Architecture and Design to Literature and Science

MOOC – also known as a ‘Massive Online Open Course’ is a website that includes free online courses from top universities and institutions such as Harvard and Microsoft in a variety of subjects ranging from business, arts, medicine and literature. Simply choose an area of expertise you want to explore and dive into an intellectually stimulating experience.

You’ll not only be distracted – but you may find the commitment you were craving for and fulfil certain educational needs.

5. Read the books you never had time for, kickstart a project you always wanted to

Amid the panic and hysteria surrounding the virus – an unsettling fear and uneasiness is bound to overcome many of us. One begs to ask the question of how long this period in life may last. Every day of this virus – which we are not entirely aware of and how fast its spreading – starts to feel like a Sunday on repeat. It is natural to be worried for the well-being of yourself and many others.

“There are more things … likely to frighten us than there are to crush us.”

A Stoic’s key to peace of mind – Seneca’s 2,000-year-old antidote to anxiety

Chin-up, read a book or kickstart that project still on hold. If we abide by the necessary instructions and ensure the protection of one-another, this too shall pass.

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