The London Marathon say no to plastic and yes to saving the planet

The London Marathon rolled round once again on the 28th of April, but this year was different. Even though the runners built a thirst they still said no to plastic and made steps towards saving the planet. At the 2018 London Marathon runners used over 919,000 plastic bottles. The plan for this year was to use a little over 700,000 plastic bottles and 200,000 of the new edible seaweed pods.

These upcoming seaweed pouches called Ooho that are produced by Skipping Rocks Lab were filled with Lucozade sports drink for this particular event. The capsules can be bitten into to release the liquid inside and can actually be entirely consumed if wanted. If not, then they can be discarded and it will break down quickly.

The organisers of the marathon stated that the plastic bottles that were used were in a closed – loop system, where they were handed to runners and afterward collected and processed to create more plastic bottles.

Steps are being made in 2019 towards the climate change issue and people are standing up to help make a difference, from plastic straws being replaced with paper and some countries even banning plastic bags.

The London Marathon is an amazing event that brings community, exercise and dedication to London and now it also brings steps environmental change. These little changes are making a huge difference.



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