Lib Dem support increases in local elections following Brexit backlash

As the local elections come to a close, the conservative party have lost over 700 councillors alongside Labour who have lost just under 100. This follows the complete Brexit Blunder that has been happening since the referendum in 2016, which has caused a huge divide with the country. 

Liberal democrats have seen a substantial rise in seats with a gain of 398 councillors. The local elections take place to select office-holders in local government. This fully impacts how the country views the government and its decisions. 

With Brexit being extended until October, the results have been interpreted by the PM Theresa May, as the voter’s plea to ‘deliver Brexit’ which was reported by The Guardian this afternoon. The hashtag #Brexitbacklash is currently trending across the UK, with many voicing that Brexit impacted not only this vote, but their vote in the Euro Elections at the end of the month. 

 The Local elections take place every 4 years, with the main goal to establish Mayors and Councillors representing England and Northern Island. This is different from the General Election where you vote for who you wish to see Govern Britain. Your Local Councillor is chosen to represent the people who live in your area. 

 With the two main parties holding considerable losses, people have used the elections to show their opinions on Brexit and where to go from here. From the referendum nearly 3 years ago, many have begun to grow frustrated with the government, calling for them to just ‘get on with it’. 

 The losses for the conservative party could mean a real lack of confidence in the government and the PM who has been under scrutiny for the handling of Brexit, with many setbacks and anger around her deals. 

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