Bristol University to Blame for Student Suicide, Says Parents

Last May, University of Bristol student, Ben Murray decided to take his own life at the age of 19.

After finishing his first year as a university student, Ben received an email from the institute in which he was informed of his dismissal from the course; which Ben’s mother believes could be the triggering event for her son.

“No 19-year-old fresher should have been kicked off course without a face-to-face meeting” stated Janet during an interview with the BBC, explaining that Ben was already in a heavly distressed situation before receiving the news.

Ben’s family in fact accuses Bristol University of failing to support Ben during his most difficult moments, alleging that dozens of staff memebers interacted with Ben before his death, without helping him; whilst Ben previously informed the university about his situation.“He spent far too long struggling. Much earlier intervention was needed and should have happened,” stated his father during the hearing at Avon Coroner’s court.

Although Ben was informed by his tutor of the various services around the university, it was not enough, and Ben is now the most recent of a list of seven students that have died of suicide at Bristol University in the past 18 months (Miranda Williams, Daniel Green, Kim Long, Lara Nosiru, Elsa Scaburri, James Thomson and Justin Cheng).

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