Is gaming getting too hot for you?


Can you remember the last game you played that was stolen you away on an almost indescribably breathtaking riverboat journey for countless hours at a time? The video games industry has grown an extraordinary amount in the past decade and now brings in more revenue globally than the music and film industries.

But you don’t reach that point without doing something truly amazing, and last year was a testament to that fact. Austin Quinn is a journalist working for the new kid on the block, ‘Exclusively Games’ and graciously gave his take on the intense themes, issues, and narratives, explored through video games today. When asked about which were his favourite games from last year he included Spiderman and God of war without missing a beat. Quinn explained that “these new games really show off what the PS4 and just current generation consoles, in general, can do, I wouldn’t be surprised if people mistook either game for a PC one at some point”.

Main art with logo for Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition - horizontalWhen asked about whether or not these experiences have become too profound, Quinn pointed out that “today most of these games have 100s of people behind them, each putting in their suggestions and hard work behind anyone game’s development. It’s only natural for more serious or interesting games to come out of the other end of all that. But I think the industry has needed games to be as profound as they are becoming, gaming hasn’t fully cleaned off the stigma, that it’s still for little kids and that older guys and girls shouldn’t be playing”.

And it’s pretty difficult to argue with the man especially because games like Dark Souls or Sekiro have explored new ways to tell a story, through the world itself that films for instance just could no do.


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