Creative courses: can you get a job out of it?

Students who take creative courses such as Interior design, photography, art, music and dance are often asked this question: can you get a job out of it? I wanted to explore the negative connotations surrounding this question and how it makes creative students feel when they are constantly asked it.

The first student I interviewed is named Amaal, and she studies international business. Although she does not do a creative course, she has a passion for art and chose not to take a course on it at university. I chose to interview her and she mentioned taking a creative course is something she always saw herself pursuing, but due to reasons she changed her mind and took business instead. As I am researching creative courses and the jobs you can get out of it, I asked her why she decided to not take art.

You mentioned that you have a passion for art and judging by your images, you’re amazing at it. Is there a reason why you didn’t take a course on it at University?

There are many reasons why I didn’t take art as a course. Main reason being that my parents want me to get a degree that would guarantee me that I’ll have a job in the future. At first I was mad at them for saying that but after I understood the importance of stability and having future career plans. Having a degree in international business gives me a higher chance of having a career compared to art. So with the in put of my family and listening to my heart, I decided to take business. However art is still a passion of mine and as a hobby I draw and paint in my free time, so who knows perhaps in the future I can show off my work and do it full time.

Another student I had the pleasure of interviewing is Fatima. Fatima studies interior design at Kingston University and gave her thoughts on this question in this audio interview.

I asked her about her future career plans, how university is prepping her for life after graduation and whether studying interior design was something she has always wanted. With her perspective on this subject, perhaps most creative students share the same views.

Images of Fatima’s recent project that involved ergonomics.
A shot from a site trip Fatima that she describes as an “interesting shot”.

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